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    Mar 10, 2016
    Here are a few things to try if the Peat diet isn't working so well for you. These are taken directly from what Peat or other users have already said on this forum but may not be so evident if they are problems that are right in front of your nose. The first one is, you may be drinking too much fluoride or eating lots of fluoride. If you eat commercial orange juice or non-organic potatoes, you're getting fluoride in a pretty big dose, either from bug spray or from the water the juice was made in; same goes for any kind of pop. I drink pop very sparingly, even though I drank a lot of it after finding out what "Peating" was for the first time. The other thing is whey. Peat has said that some of the aminos in whey don't sit so well with the human system. What helped me, was replacing ice cream with flavored cream cheese to get that "strained" dairy product with the whey taken out, I use half - n -half instead of milk in my coffee now, no more skim milk at all, and making paneer cheese from home. It's (paneer) made by separating the curds from the whey of milk with lemon juice. If you eat yogurt, definitely strain it once you get it home from the grocery store through a towel and a colander, or buy Greek yogurt in the first place (already strained). To sum: if you cut down whey and your intake of fluoride, you may feel better; everyone responds differently. GL to everyone.