Troubleshooting Office Lighting

Discussion in 'Light' started by stevrd, Feb 20, 2018.

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    Feb 16, 2018
    Hello everyone. I've noticed that my fluorescent office lighting is draining my energy and hurts my eyes. I suppose this is one of the main reasons why office workers feel more drained than their blue-collar counterparts. I've been trouble shooting this issue, trying to come up with replacement bulbs, etc.

    I have T8 tubular fluorescent bulbs in a 2x4 foot ballast in my office. This is very common for office buildings. T8 tubular fluorescent double ended bulbs are the only bulbs I can replace them with. I've searched online and found very little other than some questionable LED lights that may provide more of the full spectrum. Here are some options I am considering.

    -Full spectrum fluorescent lights (I honestly have little faith in these actually producing the full spectrum)
    -LED T8 tubes (these are tricky because they don't always fit the ballast correctly, so it can be hard to find replacements)
    -Fluorescent Light filters (I don't know enough about these yet to be certain that they actually work, but there are a lot of confirmed reviewers that swear by them)- this option is probably what I am going to try first, because the building I work in has various codes for what type of bulbs can be used and if possible, I'd like to avoid any issues with the maintenance department.

    The filters can be found here:

    Here is a video:

    Now to me it sounds like marketing, but may not actually deliver results. If anybody who is well-versed in the light spectrum can chime in, I would greatly appreciate it. My goal is not to make my office into a Peat/red light oasis, but to minimize the damage of fluorescent lighting, reduce glare, and possibly provide myself with a spectrum of light closer to daylight, so as to improve my mood and energy levels. Thank you.