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Trouble Quitting Cannabis

  1. Hello,
    I'm a 45 year old (gasp) mom and my 'mother's little helper' is in the form of a vaporizer and weed which I'm told is organically grown. My usage amount varies but I usually do 2-3 cycles (like 10 puffs) once, sometimes twice, per day. I thought I could keep it under control but my non-vaping days are getting fewer and farther between. I've been smoking since 17 with some long hiatuses, like when pregnant or breastfeeding. Then in grad school I felt I'd be unable to finish on time without it. I graduated in May, and, enough is enough! (Yet another way grad school ruined my life, ha.)

    I want to stop because I'm unmotivated to do much beyond the mimimum, and, it makes me more introverted even than usual. And I have soon-to-be adolescents in the house who are not clueless. (I do have a perseription and live in a medical mj state.) Also even vaping is decreasing my lung capacity and making me feel congested in the bronchial area. To compensate for the lethargy I often take methylene blue (MB) during the day, then benadryl at night to calm down. The MB is making my pee blue/green and I do worry about long term effects of that as well. When I take MB it's 10-20 drops per day. (Have tried CBD but it doesn't seem to do much, perhaps because it's the affordable, hemp based kind.)

    No idea if I need thyroid or even whether I can get it. I tend to be thin and am fearful of throwing my thyroid out of whack. My diet is too much starch and not very Peaty yet. Coming from half-hearted WAPF, so lots of bone broth soups, along with milk, yogurt, meat, cheese, eggs, coffee with sugar, plus some bread and chips, and (not enough) fruit. Sometimes take A and D and K but hard to afford the K. I need to do better on diet.

    I'm looking to how to get off the pot as smoothly as possible. I'm a cheerful sort but with lifelong depression, anxiety, ADD. I know that sounds contradictory but the depression, though fairly severe, has always felt externally caused (maybe I'm fooling myself).

    I've read about the tea recommendation but couldn't bear to make tea from what I have left, I feel psychologically it's better to have some around so I don't buy more; again, maybe fooling myself. Truth is I'd rather cut back than quit if possible but my love for this substance is proving too strong for moderation :-(

    TIA for any advice!
  3. Equal parts caffeine and theanine would help with anxiety, depression, and ADD. I know. I have all these symptoms too.
  4. I think I read about that somewhere else too. When RP says "the circulatory disturbance caused by high adrenaline" is he referring to capillaries closing causing like a "false" hypertension?
  5. Yes and high pulse to stroke volume ratio, the heart cannot properly fill, vessels don't produce proper amount of carbon dioxide, etc.
  6. Yea, I have definitely be stereotyped at an endocrinologist. I only saw one one time about 12 years ago. I think he gave about 5 minutes and basically said, "see all those old corpulent people in my waiting room? You are young and thin, stop wasting our time." I thought there wasn't enough M.D. horror stories on the internet so I thought I would add one more LOL
  7. Any progress here? I've met more people who have issues stopping lately, so was curious.