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Training The Body Against Stress Beneficial?

  1. I have been wondering this for a while, it seems ray peat focuses exclusively on stress reduction, but what about training the system to withstand more stress?

    To me it seems this is a very important and underrated factor.
    I also think most people make the mistake with this in taking training too far. Like people start intermittent fasting every single day, how about just not eating for one or two days a month?

    It seems people like Wim Hof have great success with this way of approaching things (Google him if you don’t know him). I think cold thermogenesis, shocking the body with an ice cold bath for a few minutes to train the system, followed by a warm shower to shut the stress down again could be very beneficial in making the body more robust. Similar to intense exercise. I think why this destroys people is that they do this far beyond recovery potential.

    I am wondering who here has experimented with such an approach? I have taken cold showers for a long time but never finished warm, so I would basically have myself in an adrenaline state for a long time after the shower (which I could have shut down finishing it warm, I know Wim Hof goes into the sauna immediately after the ice bath). Similar to exercise I always overdid it and never relaxed properly after it.
  2. like tannic acid treatment of steel

    but is steel better than diamonds ?