Toxicity Of Stored PUFA


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Jan 4, 2012
4 years, 4 freaking years. :(


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Jan 4, 2012
Worse, even longer then 4 years. :banghead

Ray Peat said:
“The half-life of fats in human adipose tissue is about 600 days, meaning that significant amounts of previously consumed oils will still be present up to four years after they have been removed from the diet.”
Jan 17, 2016
Very eye-opening article on the ravages on the body that PUFAs cause. Makes my blood boil...all the $$$$$$$$$$ to be made by many industries by keeping the lie alive that plant oils are healthy! Like R.P. says...the lie that sugar is the culprit must be kept up or the truth will come out about plant oils.
If the truth did come out it would initially mean disaster for America... citizens and corporations alike. But in the end we know who would win. :thumbup


Nov 21, 2013
PUFAs in fish oils made by algae! Amazing! I have never thought about this.

All those RP quotes are so well written and clear, and so interesting.

Thanks for posting, Charlie.
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