Toxic Metal Dangers Of Kale?


Jul 29, 2014
Ray has sort of talked about this in regards to radioactive isotopes (since they mentioned cesium). In the 60's they got worried about strontium-90 in children's teeth or something like that. Apparently they sort of blamed this on milk, but Ray mentioned that living off vegetables instead of milk would cause one to ingest a much higher amount of these isotopes. One reason is obviously that you would need more vegetables because they are lower in calories, but after reading the article you posted it seems like leaves accumulate these things pretty easily.

Here is a clip where he mentions that.

I know it doesn't directly relate to what you are talking about, but I think it's somewhat relevant.


  • Milk - Radioactive Particles, Filtering, Greens.mp3
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So the question remains should we just skip on the kale broth altogether then?
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