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Topical Taurine Is Protective Against UV Radiation?

  1. Full study here --> http://www.jimmunol.org/content/179/6/3604.full

    "UVB damage affects many cellular compartments and components. Here we identified taurine as a novel endogenous factor in protection against photoimmunosuppression. This novel UVB defense mechanism complements the well-studied mechanisms protecting DNA (e.g., nucleotide excision repair), the oxidative balance, and pigmentation. It is tempting to speculate that topical application of taurine or a taurine-enriched diet might be effective in sun protection. It is currently not known whether possible genetic polymorphisms of taut in humans relate to sun sensitivity and increased photo damage initiating skin cancers. A number of SNPs are described for the taut gene (National Center for Biotechnology Information), but nothing is known about their clinical relevance.

    In summary, our results clearly suggest a protective role for taurine against UVB-induced immunosuppression. Taurine protects from UVB at the level of the cell membrane. In particular, we demonstrated that the UVB-induced generation of signaling lipids such as PAF is controlled by taurine."

    Maybe we can add taurine to coffee/caffeine, aspirin, and niacinamide in the sun protection arsenal. Taurine also happens to be good for hair health/regrowth like its three brothers.
  2. Does water based solution of Taurine penetrate at all or does anyone know data about concentrations deemed appropriate for topical taurine dermal penetration?