Topic: Dr. Borkin videos on youtube about hormones and stress


Apr 26, 2013
I think that this guy, Dr. Michael Borkin is as informative as Ray Peat and his lectures on youtube are a must see. Too bad only module 1 is on the net, I am dying to see module 2-5. Here is the playlist, its starts at the bottom:
" ... 82F8A28C84 " (the videos are not in a structured order from bottom to the top, but most of them are)

He seems to put a lot of emphasis on adrenal glands, while Ray Peat puts more emphasis thyroid. But both talk about stress. They really compliment each other. I wrote to Dr. Borkin about more information few months ago and he told met to look for articles written by Ray Peat. This is how I got to know about Ray Peat work and later this forum. The probably know each other from the Naturopathic medical college. In the videos he really goes int the details about adrenal hormones, a must see to understand them.
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