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TocoVit - Liquid Vitamin E From Wheat Germ Oil

  1. As many of the forum members know, the vitamin E supplements currently sold in most countries have nothing in common with the original vitamin E used in the first half of the 20th century. Back then, vitamin E was commonly extracted from wheat germ oil (WGO) and it contained a number of "impurities" that may have influenced the results seen in those earlier studies. In the last 50 years, virtually all commercially sold vitamin E has been extracted from soybeans as WGO has become very expensive. This soy-derived vitamin E is often sold as a single isomer (i.e. alpha tocopherol, or gamma tocopherol), or if it is the mixed tocopherols the product typically does not contain any of the originally found "impurities".
    Ray has written about the shocking difference between the modern vitamin E found in stores and the one his advisor used in the early 20th century.

    Is it OK to only have vitamin E succinate
    "...My thesis adviser, Arnold Soderwall, did some studies showing that vitamin E extended fertility considerably. I found some of his old Sigma (chemical company) vitamin E still in the freezer, and I was working on the idea that oxidative catalysts in the liver were directly related to estrogen's effects. I would extract lipids from the liver, and use paper chromatography to separate them, and for reference points I used the vitamin E and different quinones (coenzyme Q10, Q6, and benzoquinone). I happened to mix the vitamin E with one of the quinones, and noticed that it turned almost black; all of the quinones had the same effect. Putting the mixture on the paper, the moving solvent separated the original components. Delocalized electrons absorb low energy light, causing a dark color (as in black semiconductors), and Szent-Gyorgyi had expressed wonder about what could cause the dark color of the healthy liver, a color that can't be extracted as a pigment. This experiment convinced me that vitamin E could be one of the participants in delocalizing electrons for activating proteins in the way S-G suggested. However, the technology for manufacturing vitamin E has changed greatly over the years, and I have never found anything sold as vitamin E that produces the same dark colors as that old stuff from the freezer. I don't know whether the powerfully therapeutic (anti-estrogenic, clot-clearing, anti-inflammatory, quinone-reactive) old vitamin E contained "impurities" that were effective, or whether it's that the newer materials contain impurities that reduce their effects. It was labeled d-alphatocopherol, but it was semi-solid, like crystallized honey."

    I have long been fascinated with vitamin E and its anti-estrogenic effects and have been on a quest to find a product that comes as close as possible to the one Ray described. After more than a year of fruitless search, I finally found a vendor in Europe that was willing to extract vitamin E from wheat germ oil and to sell it in its unadulterated form. This is what our newest supplement TocoVit contains - the mixed tocopherols extracted from WGO, together with the long chain fatty acid alcohols - i.e. "impurities" Ray mentions above. Interestingly enough, when left undisturbed for several days the product does begin to crystalize much like old honey as Ray also mentions above.
    To the people who decide to try TocoVit it will be immediately obvious that it is unlike any other vitamin E supplement on the market. To the people with allergies - while the TocoVit contains some triglycerides of saturated fatty acids, it has no significant amount of free oils (it does contain MCT that we added to make it suitable for squeezing out of a bottle) and should not contain any allergenic protein or flavone residues. However, please consult with your doctor before using.

    Edit (April 2018): As most people buying our TocoVit have noticed, it has a strong pungent odor and taste. Many people found that displeasing and Ray mentioned that it may be due to residual unsaturated fats in the raw material. So, we decided to further purify the product in order to resolve these issues. We hired a lab to perform additional distillation of the raw TocoVit and remove the fats as well as the impurities that were causing the odor/taste. What remained are just the mixed tocopherols and the long chain fatty alcohols known as "policosanol".
    Policosanol - Wikipedia

    Ray has repeatedly said that it is those long chain alcohols that are responsible for the beneficial effects of the older vitamin E formulations he worked with in the 1960s and 1970s.
    Is it OK to only have vitamin E succinate

    " Vitamin E was originally identified as a fertility factor in female rats, and then as an antiestrogenic, antiinflammatory, regulator of coagulation, that protected against the toxic effects of polyunsaturated vegetable oils. Market forces hated the idea that estrogen and PUFA had related toxic effects, and created the substitution of "antioxidation" as the definition of vitamin E. The esters aren't as well absorbed as the plain vitamin E, and aren't as active as antioxidants, but the combination with some substances, as in the succinate, can improve the regulatory functions of vitamin E. By regulating the expression of genes involved in inflammation and estrogen action, vitamin E reduces some harmful processes of oxidation, but the scavenger action is a separate function of the molecule. Tocotrienol has been described as a colorless substance. I think the color in the original vitamin E preparations was the result of a charge transfer complex between small amounts of vitamin K and tocopherols. The impurities, including the very long chain saturated fatty acids and alcohols, were probably important for some of the effects originally studied."

    PUFA Required/essential For Cancer; Stearic Acid Is A PUFA Antagonist & Anti-cancer
    "..."But then in the last 10 or 15 years there have been more publications about ineffectiveness of vitamin E or possible adverse effects, and I've been thinking about what some of the changes from the original 1930s and 40s product might have been. And the saturated long-chain alcohols, octacosanol and policosanol were always associated with the original ways. They made vitamin E that increased the viscosity. Vitamin – or wheat germ oil was a common starting material and that was rich in these very long-chain completely saturated alcohols which immediately metabolized into long-chain saturated fatty acids. And if you look up the research on octacosanol and policosanol, you see that there was a lot of endurance effect, improved endurance from the use of small amounts of these. And I suspect that the original vitamin E research which showed that it protected against the polyunsaturated fatty acids and their toxic effects, I think a large part of that might have been from adding the completely saturated long fatty acids along with the vitamin E, sort of neutralizing the PUFA. Similar to Hans Selye’s research in which he showed that canola would cause the death of heart cells but if he added chocolate fat, cocoa butter to the same amount of canola, the heart had no injury at all so that the saturated fats have a defensive antitoxic effect that I suspect were a part of vitamin E’s original action."

    So, after the purification the only ingredients that remained were the tocopherols and long chain alcohols that Peat mentions above, which made the product almost solid and virtually impossible to squeeze out of a bottle. In order to make it a bit more liquid we added MCT oil and the resulting product is what we currently sell and plan on continue selling. It is as close to the original vitamin E described above as we can currently get based on Ray's notes. So, for the people who have bought the old formulation and are now surprised to see the changes in the new formulation - rest assured, the product is indeed TocoVit and much better than what it used to be:):

    Note: This product contains raw material(s) meant for external use only, in cosmetic or other formulations designed for such external use.

    TocoVit is a liquid, mixed tocopherol supplement extracted from wheat germ oil (WGO). As such, in addition to its high proportion of alpha-tocopherol it also contains a number of other ingredients extracted from the WGO that may have hormonal and metabolic effects on their own. These additional ingredients include long chains fatty alcohols known informally as "policosanol". TocoVit may crystalize then cooled and is also sensitive to bright sunlight. Thus, the supplement should be kept in a dark location at room temperature to maintain its liquid form and proper vitamin E content. This product, while consisting entirely of food-grade ingredients, is sanctioned for external use only.

    Serving size: 25 drops
    Servings per container: about 30
    Each serving contains the following ingredients:

    Vitamin E (from wheat germ oil): 750 IU

    Other ingredients: add product to shopping cart to see info
  2. First! :D
  3. Good thing j. isn't around anymore :ss
  4. what effects have you noticed personally Haidut?
  5. So excited to get this! Do I need to apply olive oil or coconut oil with it should I use it topically?
  6. Even a quarter of teaspoon makes my heart beat at 90bpm and raises temps. But that may be just me. I certainly do not get these effects from other vitamin E products though.
  7. @haidut have you considered using this in mitolipin as the E source? I would be willing to pay more for Mito with this E.
  8. +1
    Same here.
  9. This is awesome Haidut, it makes me incredibly happy. In the past, vitamin E seems to have a feminizing effect on me, so I am going to pass on giving this a shot. I look forward to hearing other's feedback and their comparison with regular vitamin E. Can I assume that the next batch of Estroban I order will contain this?
  10. @haidut have you tried reacting it with quinones?
  11. Vitamin E Supplements

    "The wheat germ oil vitamin E supplement would be its own supplement. If I were to use it as the base for the other supplements like EstroBan and MitoLipin it would make them much more expensive." Haidut
  12. Yes; I've just been thinking how to dose this, as I don't think I can afford to pay the price (of this) for a months supply, each month. It may be so good though (in comparison to all previous E supps I have tried), that it might prove to be a cost effective thing to keep around, if I am able to take it at a lower dosage, and make it last. I was thinking about 200iu each day, so it lasts two months. Maybe 100iu taken twice per day, then a dose of kuinone at night. I'm going to experiment with the retinol as well (bought that one as well). No need for D, now the summer is pretty much here already (so Estroban I will be giving a rest for a bit).

    Thanks for the great products, Haidut.
  13. A top shelf version Mitolipin sounds pretty awesome.
  14. So excited about this, thank you Haidut! Your supplements are absolutely brilliant!
  15. If estroban became less then ten more dollars expensive, I'd be cool with it
  16. Congratulations for this release Haidut.

    I vote for wgo vitE upgraded Mitolipin too without a doubt. Whats more, I think any supp with any other form of vitE should be discontinued.
  17. Sorry, this vitamin E would not be very good as solvent due to the presence of all kinds of other materials inside it like the sterols, squalene, lanosterol, etc. If vitamin E is used as solvent it better be pure tocopherols to maximize the amount of solvent available in a given volume of liquid. There is also the issue with price as Blossom mentioned me saying earlier.
  18. No, for now TocoVit it will be its own separate supplement and not used for mixing with others. I want to hear people's feedback before we make changes to established and solid formulations like EstroBan, which so far has had basically zero complaints after we solved the solid particles issue.
    There is also the issue with price as Blossom mentioned me saying earlier.
  19. That is much appreciated, thanks! But I also have a few other folks pressuring me every day to lower the price of EstroBan :) So, it is a constant tug of war... We'll see, I may eventually end up using only this type of vitamin E for EstroBan if people like the TocoVit.
  20. Or leave out vitamin E in estroban. Because people may get vitamin E from this or mitolipin already
  21. Intriguing stuff, thanks as usual Haidut. I'll share this, I bet there's tons of people that would like to experiment with it.

    Do you know the approximate ratio of the different tocopherols? Do you think it includes any significant amount of tocotrienols?
  22. Does the Tocovit need to be mixed with anything like olive or coconut oil for smooth application? Or is straight application sufficient?
  23. "the supplement should be kept in a dark location at room temperature to maintain its liquid form and proper vitamin E content"

    If I buy multiple bottle, can I keep the spares in the fridge? the wording of "maintain proper vitamin E content" has me wondering.
  24. Can you post the analysis?
  25. I don't think there are any significant amounts of tocotrienols. The breakdown is roughly 60% alpha tocopherol, 20% delta tocopherol, 10% gamma tocopherol and 10% beta tocopherol. I will post a more specific analysis in the original post when I get the formal paperwork from the vendor.
  26. It already has some MCT to make it more liquid. But it is still mostly the actual vitamin E product and I know Ray said for topical absorption a 50% / 50% mix is best. So, you may want to add about as much olive or coconut oil as the liquid in the bottle, which is 30ml.
  27. Vitamin E, just like vitamin K and vitamin B2 is sensitive to bright sunlight. So, it's best kept in the dark. Yes, you can keep the bottles in the fridge but it may solidify. I have not tried it in the fridge so don't know for sure what will happen :):
  28. Sure, waiting on the formal paperwork from the vendor.
  29. Just a note, the link for Tocovit on the idealabsdc site goes to the Mitolipin page. o_O
  30. Thanks for letting me know, I just fixed it!
  31. This sounds amazing! Definitely going to buy this when I get paid next. That being said, I know you cannot sanction internal use, but do you think it would be a terrible thing to put the drops (even half a dose) in a gelatin capsule and gulp it down? Or do you think it would be more effective as a topical agent? I would be nervous it would all end up on my clothing, like Progest-E.
  32. Oh, I think it would be very effective orally, in a capsule or just as the pure liquid. I just can't endorse such use :):
  33. P.S. @haidut. Do you know a comparative analysis of a Vitamin E oil from Wheat Germ versus Palm Oil? I believe Palm Oil is rich in Tocotrienols. Perhaps it is worthwhile incorporating both kinds into the supplemental routine?
  34. I guess I will have to be a guinea pig then :) I love Vitamin E.
  35. Sounds really great. I'm a massage therapist and my clients trust me to make suggestions about various alternatives...I've been meaning to ask you how I might offer some of your suppliments. This looks like a great addition to ease up extra seretonin.
    Fingers crossed.

    Good luck!
  36. Well, there are no retsrictions on reselling and since there is no logo on the bottles the clients won't even know these are supplements from another vendor. As far as I know some people already do that - i.e. they have fitness or nutritional consulting practice and re-sell our supplements. It does not really matter to me as long as people are getting good results :):
  37. Since it derives from wheat germ oil, is there any chance it could be problematic for gluten sensitive or celiac individuals?
  38. I see, and it wouldn't go back to normal at room temp, right?
  39. Haidut - you're the bomb! TocoVit in my mailbox this morning!!
    :thankyou :dancingsmileyman
  40. I guess it is possible, but the vendor told me that all potential allergens have been removed. I would start low and increase if there are no signs of allergy.
  41. I think we (gluten sensitive/celiacs) should stick to topical application only for now just to be extra cautious. I'm going to treat it like I would lipstick, lotion or shampoo and not put it anywhere that would risk it coming in contact with my mouth. I've been researching this and have found conflicting information (no surprise). I did find a home testing kit that I might buy at some point and test it myself. I'm not sure yet if it would work but here's the link.
    EZ Gluten™ - Gluten Test Kit Shop

  42. Most orders placed before 5pm on weekdays and before noon on Saturday ship the same day. Given how efficient USPS (usually) is within the USA, this means more than 90% of orders get delivered within 2 days.
  43. Doesn't Ray Peat think there needs to be a higher gamma ratio ? Or was he referring to standard vitamin E products.
  44. Can you stack MitoLipin with TocoVit?
  45. Well, sure you can but given that both of them have vitamin E it may be a bit too much vitamin E daily. I'd alternate them or take some vitamin K to avoid excessive blood thinning.
  46. Anyone have any experiences with Tocovit yet?
  47. Tastes insanely good! Dont know why but I just love it. Spread it on my hands and lick Them.
  48. Awesome now I can buy :thumbleft
  49. Bahaha, would be expensive to buy for The taste ;) i would buy it for The Extreme anti-estrogen effect it has - damn. Nothing Like it for me. Never going back to regular e products. This is probably The supplement i have noticed The most pronounced effect from - except for cypro maybe. That stuff is felt every time.
  50. :eek: That good?
  51. Just applied my first 400 iu. Stoked! This might be jr sized bitchtits' final hour.
    Thanks for continuing to bring out these awesome products, @haidut!
  52. I've developed a minor case of man-boobs in the last 2 years, as well... :(
  53. Lol, the law of unintended consequences I think:): I shoot for reproducing anti-estrogen effects and I get a "great taste" response instead. Maybe, as Ray said, enjoying the taste will have a pro-metabolic effects additive to the blocking of estrogen. Now, I can advertise it as "supplement you can actually taste".
  54. Perfect, thanks for sharing! I also find that TocoVit gives me a pro-androgenic effects for some reason. It could be the squalene inside that gets converted to some type of androgenic steroid in the body. I know squalene was used as a doping agent decades ago but nobody followed up to find out what is it that squalene is actually doing or converting into. I guess the technology was not that advanced at the time.
  55. I would like to buy this one if you can find some way to lower the vitamin E in mitolipin :rolleyes: :)
  56. haidut, I've always heard that pure Vit E had a viscosity that could easily digestion problems, does the same apply to yours? or is the texture different?
  57. This is one of the best supplement reviews I've read
  58. Haidut, I'm supposed to rub some ointment into my post op scar whilst massaging it, so I thought of vitamin E. Would this be the best option that would encourage healing? It's going across my lower abdomen hip to hip pretty much, so I'm worried about the amounts needed and overdosing, especially since I am supposed to be doing this 2x per day. Would this have to be diluted and how can I be economical with it and at the same time see results? Btw. I have both olive, coconut and mct oil for dilution. Thank you!
  59. I think you'll have plenty with a standard dose. Split the dose in half, and you will have enough to cover that area. My surgeon also recommended vitamin E, but the scar is kinda rad, so I never used it.
  60. Thank you! I will mix it with some oil and hope for miracles. :) Am I correct in thinking that oestrogen causes fibrosis, hard lumpy scar (in my case) and since vitamin E is anti-estrogenic it makes scar heal nicely, no hard lumps. Is this why it is recommended?
  61. I got my tocovit last night. Results are good so far, but I'll wait a while before reporting. One thing, though, is I have no idea how anyone can like the taste of this stuff lol. It is like an astringent taste and a little bit like burnt seeds.
  62. I enjoy the taste. It seems to have more depth (like an aged quality extract), and is less bitter than some other vitamin Es, that will actually make me cough. I would stop short of spreading on toast or something (it's not THAT appetising), but the taste is kinda pleasant.

    I am enjoying the effects, too. I seem to be doing better with taking this in the morning, and then the kuinone at night. I have stopped using Estroban! (thats how good this protocol has been for me so far). I dropped the retinil (was making me cold).
  63. 2 nights now I've used 20 drops of TocoVit with juice or milk before going to bed. I got spontaneous erections (a rarity for me) and less bloating. The effects seem to last about 12 hours. I think this will be a good combo with PanSterone to detoxify estrogen. I'm going to do 5 drops in the morning and night.

    For a while now, I have had gall stones and pale stools. The first time I took the TocoVit, I felt some pain around my gallbladder. This would be a good sign if it's making my gallbladder move again, but I think it was just gas. I'll report if I get darker stools.
  64. This supplement so far seems to not be causing digestive problems. I am not sure if it is the viscosity or the additional chemicals in the WGO-derived vitamin E that are contributing to this effect.
  65. Excellent, thanks for sharing! Please keep us posted.
  66. Would this be a good product to apply on my 12 month old daughter's face to prevent scarring from wound/stitches? Being that it's her face I am looks for the best quality vitamin e oil that will help prevent scarring.
  67. I think EstroBan would be better due to the other fat-soluble vitamins and it is also cheaper. Vitamin K is very important for scar disappearing and wound healing. MitoLipin would also be a good choice. Please make sure you ask a pediatrician before using any of these on such a young child.
    Finally, Ray wrote that in young children levels of CO2 are high enough to ensure scar-less healing most of the time. So, you may not need any supplements at all.
    Now, how's that for a sales pitch? :):
  68. I got my order of TocoVit earlier this week and took it two days in a row. Going to be honest - didn't notice anything from it yet, but then again, I rarely do with most supplements unless I take them for some time and really pay attention. I will continue trying it both topically and ingesting it in small doses. However, the color of the oil is incredibly beautiful and looks very sexy in a clear glass beaker (I transferred it to one because I like glass droppers). For those who thinks it tastes good, I seriously judge your question of taste - I thought it tastes horrid, but I hate the way progest-e tastes too, so maybe I am crazy. I did apply it topically to my face yesterday - along with some coconut oil. It's very moisturizing. I might try applying it at night before I go to bed, since I am prone to dry skin.

    Regardless of my initial verdict, @haidut - you have derived a beautiful looking vitamin E oil! Really - put it in a clear glass beaker and see how pretty the color is :) Also, any word on it yet from RP?
  69. I have applied Tocovit to my stomach and chest mixed with coconut oil and also to my forearms. It raised my temperatures for hours and increased my appetite.
    Unfortunately it has given me a rash on my forearms (but not on my stomach). I got a similar rash from Nature's answer vitamin e oil a few weeks ago, except then the rash occurred everywhere I applied it, not just on my forearms. Yesterday i took it orally, but it seemed to have no temperature raising effect, but also no noticeable bad reaction. Any thoughts? I have just applied a little to my stomach and not my forearms and will see what happens.
  70. haha. I think that was a great sales pitch.

    Sales 101: don't push the product if it's not ideal for the customer. This communicates your priority is the customer's issue and not on selling some product, which engenders trust and makes the customer more inclined to purchase from you.

    The pushy, manipulative and coy techniques are suited, if ever, for when it's a one-time transaction where you'll never see the customer again.
  71. I got my TocoVit yesterday, and am looking forward to using it.
    Too soon to report anything yet, except:
    I did taste a large drop of it and, man...it tastes terrible!
    Not saying or implying this is a problem--
    just that some have said it actually tastes good.

    So...any chance something is wrong with mine?
    I don't think it smells/tastes rancid--I know that smell.
    Just unmistakably, undeniably bad in some way that's hard to describe.

    I had thought I would probably use it topically, but I just wanted to compare its taste to Progest-E
    (which is okay tasting).

    I remember back in my youthful hippy days tasting some wheat germ oil,
    and as I recall it tasted good.

    Again: not complaining about the product.
    Just wondering if something could be amiss as some have said the TocoVit tastes good.
  72. Wow, you really think so? :s I even drop the TocoVit onto rice or a piece of bread as haidut mentions doing with MitoLipin. Tastes of roasted something. Roasted pine nuts. Interesting how different people think it tastes!
  73. I'm not a fussy eater, either.
    Yes...mine tastes bad...very bad...not just a little bit bad.
    That's why I'm wondering if maybe I got a weird bottle.
    Like I say, I've liked other wheat germ oils in the past.
    And Progest-E is okay--doesn't taste good, doesn't taste bad, to me.

    Again, this is nothing against the efficacy of the product.
    Just curious how I'm having such a radically different taste experience.
    I'm not one of these people who is a very demanding, finicky about food tastes--more the opposite.
  74. I wonder if it's just a polarizing taste, or perhaps becomes tastier for people with certain deficiencies. I'd describe mine as midway between wheat and plywood: not very good, but I wouldn't be surprised at people liking it.
  75. Not to knock the taste of plywood...
    But when you say that you "wouldn't be surprised at people liking it"
    see, my take would be more along the lines of
    "how in the hell could anybody ever say anything good about that taste!?"
    In other words, to me, it doesn't just taste bad. It tastes damn bad.

    Maybe there is something strange going on as you say, Dan, with people and deficiencies.
    Maybe I am low on Vitamin E.
    Maybe I am horribly low on E.
    Maybe I am horribly and unforgivably low on Vitamin E,
    and I need to be punished appropriately.
    Thus my experience of the taste.
    Only way the healing can take place.
    No pain, no gain.
  76. plywood for sure. like, burnt plywood sawdust.
  77. Yup, pine/spruce sawdust is what comes to mind for me too. I'm fine with it but it's not tasty. My wife wouldn't touch it.
  78. Lol, thanks Dan, it does sound appetizing. I do see that in the taste as well. For comparison, you can get some pure WGO and leave it in the fridge overnight. It will form a solid sediment at the bottom, and then you pour the oil out and try the sediment. It will have a taste pretty similar to the TocoVit. I think the bitterness portion people sense is the squalene and some of the other terpenoids.
    Just my 2c.
  79. @haidut I thought it is vitamin E that is good for scar healing. Now I'm confused. I have both your vitamin E and also Thorne's vitamin K. Should I be using both? I am supposed to massage my surgery scar 2x per day, so perhaps once with vit E and once with vit K? Any suggestions? Thank you!
  80. Actually, all 4 fat-soluble vitamins have a role in skin health and scar healing. I am sure you have see the commercials about vitamin A in creams so that needs no further advertising. Vitamin E has solid clinical research for scaring tissue as does vitamin K (to a lesser degree). Vitamin D is responsible for the proper tan of the skin around the wound so ideally all 4 vitamins should be used. I don't know of a specific protocol and doses but there have been isolated studies with 400 IU vitamin E, 10,000 IU vitamin A, 2,000 IU vitamin D2, and 1mg vitamin K (MK-4) and they were all applied once daily. So, using separate products or higher dose EstroBan should be able to achieve these doses.
  81. Thank you for the explanation ! I think I will stick to vitamin E then and take some estroban alongside it as I do now.
  82. Really, people won't take it because of the taste? Try niacinamide powder of some Bcaas! Haha.
  83. Tried my first dose of 10 drops of TocoVit yesterday and oh my God! I generally don't react to supplements but this one is an exception. Just 10 drops on my tongue made me sweat in cool and cloudy atmosphere, my heart rate increased along with body temperature. There was a feeling of pleasantness and increased mental clarity/energy immediately after I took it. I don't think I will need TyroMax/Thyroid if I take this daily. I will experiment more and keep you posted on results.

    Haidut, of all the supplements you released, this one would be my favorite. I love the taste and its "wheatish" smell too.
    I would say, taking TocoVit minus Vitamin E would be an interesting experiment to see if those effects are due to "impurities" in Wheat germ oil. Thank you for these wonderful supplements!
  84. Thank you so much for this feedback! I am trying to isolate these compounds but there are literally thousands of them, and most are unknown. I suspect the squalene and lanosterol in combination with vitamin E contribute to the metabolic effects. But let's see what the lab comes back with.
  85. Imad-
    Did you take those ten drops topically or orally?
  86. ;-)
  87. Ah yes...duh.:doh
  88. Manu years ago (ca. 15yrs) I heard that some japanese guys were searching shark liver in my town, looking for its squalene content and its wonderful qualities.
    Since then, never heard of that stuff again till yesterday when haidut posted it.
    Interesting... :cool:
  89. I have purchased toco vit and I don't like the taste at all.
  90. 'tis very unyummy indeed. :>)
  91. Very nice, I like! I just responded to your thread. If we can get some other people to do the same and send you their results we could get some smoother curves. Even 5 people should be enough to see a good pattern.
  92. Thinking of buying this it sounds great, any new experiences of using TocoVit?
  93. Has RP ever got his bottle or are we still waiting for the lab results? I wanted to report that I take it when eating pufa is unavoidable or desirable on the odd occasion and foods like rapeseed oil taramasalata or McDonalds quick breakfast with chips are now digested very easily with 5 drops of tocovit alone, whereas previously the same foods would lie in my stomach and made me feel heavy and awful. Strange, but good strange. It's going everywhere with me when travelling. Btw. The taste is awful, like thick heavy linseed floor varnish. I'm actually wondering if my body's telling me something by finding the taste so repulsive. I guess use topically for me, that is if it gets in being so thick.
  94. I purchased this recently and I'm afraid that it might be causing gut issues. I enjoy the effects but now on the 3rd night of using it orally I'm dealing with odd liquid stools. I've read around the forum and noted other vitamin e users have dealt with this. Does anyone know why this happens? Is it a detox reaction or due to the "impurities" in this vitamin e?

    Perhaps I should use this topically as indicated. Do I have to mix it with another carrier oil for optimal use?
  95. You can use it topically and no need to add additional oil. We have added about 10% MCT to make it more suitable for topical application.
    As to why vitamin E causes gut issues for some people - it is hard to answer. For some people it is the viscosity of the vitamin that causes this as it sticks to the stomach wall and that irritates the mucosa. For others, it seems to be an immune syste effect as several people with Chron's and UC have reported the same effects from virtually any vitamin E product they tried. Vitamin E is known to boost the immune system so it is possible to increase clearance of cellular debris in people with autoimmune conditions. Anyways, I would try topically and please provide feedback on how that goes. But as far as impurities - I don't think there are any in TocoVit. It's just pure extract from the WGO with some MCT added by us to make it easier to rub in and absorb.
  96. Understood - thanks for the guidance. Quick note - what I mean by "impurities" is the additional ingredients like the plant sterols.
  97. Yeah my wife says she doesn't like that smell on my breath...so we will have to try skin application.
  98. To me, it smells like plywood. I think it's kind of a manly smell, so maybe topical would work better for you.
  99. I have gotten a skin irritation from Tocovit. I applied 10 drops on the inside of each bicep. Now after two days the skin is still marbly and looks irritated. I had store the Tocovit in the fridge for a few weeks and had recently kept it out to the fridge. I hadn't had this reaction before but I had been taking only a few drops on the inside of my arms. This was my first full serving and I could see the irritation soon after applying it. Does this make any sense?