Thyroid Woes, Possible Viral Infection/desperate For Guidance

Peater Pan

Sep 1, 2020
1st ever post. SORRY it's so long. I sent it to Idea Labs email who said I should sign up and post here.
raypeatforum lurker and mostly Peater over the past several months (interested for years with semi application of principles) who has been struggling quite badly for the last year or so and am just desperate for your advice.

51 yo (6'3/185lbs, was 167 4 months ago). Diagnosed hypo/hashi's in 2011 w/TSH >150! Was asymptomatic, skinny, probably more hyper than hypo by appearance. Looking back, I think I had/have a chronic stress hormones adaptation. I was veg for 15 years and did vegan and dumbass raw (2010) which is probably what crashed me. Did Ashtanga yoga for 15 years. Also had quit the maryjane not long before Dx but was never a heavy, but regular, user. Few puffs most days on and off for years. Was pretty athletic growing up. Usual team sports and then rowing and triathlons in college.

Symptoms started on T4 therapy. Found my way to a 'better' doc in 2014 who got me up to 3-3.5 grains WP Thyroid. Was 'okay' for a few years and I think I even got my waking temp to 97.8 at one point.

History of lumbar/disc issues. Norco/APAP (NO MORE) messed my liver but got lab numbers back in range. Still think there are some issues w/liver though, e.g, a glass and a half of red wine kept me up all night last week. Was the first alcohol (other than a little Saki, yum) I'd had in a while. Just been feeling too awful to consider even one drink.

So, since the WP outage that started at the end of 2018, I've been on a roller coaster. Switched to Naturethroid until that became unavailable and then to Acella's 'NP' (which was recalled due to 'super potent' T3 batches so I think I was going hypo/hyper/hypo). Fun!

I started vaping CBD flowers (1/2019) for pain and to replace Norco/APAP. Remarkably effective but due probably to improper use of a device I compromised my lungs and caught an infection in 8/2019 which I STILL HAVE. Stopped vaping 12/2019. STILL COUGHING. X-rays showed improvement and that it was never pneumonia. Swabs showed negative? I had several rounds of antibiotics and steroids including a shot and a couple of inhalers. More recently had a round of Pen VK (my doc's like "why do you want that?" and also was refused cypro but was okay w/LDN which I have not started).

Last WBC was low (4) so I think it's viral. So, essentially 2019 was like the worst year of my life physically, mentally, emotionally, everything. Just AWFUL. But stack hypo w/a pathogen and work/life stress (FTE shitty job+manager/full-time caregiver to a disabled SO) and that's what you get.

I started back on WP in March because it finally became available again. I AM NOT RESPONDING. They say it's the same medication. **** RLC LABS. LYING BASTARDS. Same happened on NP starting summer/fall 2019. WTF. I started crashing badly. 95s waking temps never getting above 97.5.

Last labs (2/20) showed suppressed TSH (.02) (normal on high dose NDT), barely high FT3 (4.3), low FT4 (1), RT3 (11), Vit D (38 was 79 12/18), Cholesterol/LDL/Tri UP (311/231/129) , A1C UP (5.6) (I can send what I have if you need though it looks like my doc is running less labs than she used to and is on her way to $600/hr 'boutique' medicine for rich housewives). I've just been feeling like absolute ***t. EXHAUSTED. Wake up tired, Tired all day. Brain fog. Body, internal aches, HEADACHES, bad/low mood, poor sleep, heart stuff too. Been running on stress hormones so long I'm breaking down. I'm tall, lanky, a 'hard gainer,' but historically respond well to moderate exercise. (Have you heard about Movnat? Check it out/wish I had the energy). I started mouth taping a month ago.

When I started really crashing a few weeks ago (I had been increasing my WP from 3/day, by a quarter grain every two weeks until I was at 3.75/day for two weeks just getting WORSE) I think I was heading fast towards myxedema. I started twitching and getting organ pain, tremors, weird heart stuff, dysphoria, and my breathing was really shallow and then I had an adrenaline spike in bed at like 2AM and my BP shot up (160/100).

At last visit, I begged my doc for some T3, She gave me 10 mcg/day (gee thanks). I immediately started responding and taking extra was what saved me that night. I was about to call an ambulance. I've been playing around with higher T4:T3 ratio and lately have been moving towards 2:1, even 1:1. It's tricky to dose w/o adrenaline/stress reaction. Peat's right! I'm finding slowly dissolving 5 mcg tablets in the mouth every 1-1.5 hours looks like it's working. Temps are starting to improve (97.2-97.5 waking) but still TIRED and still not hitting 98.6 and crashing later in the day. Also learned you need some T4 before bed and maybe in the morning unless you can pop T3 during the sleep cycle :) So, I'm 'non-compliant' and soon to run out of T3 which will kill me. Got some Grossman on the way but don't know when it will arrive.

Eating well (milk, OJ, eggs, cheese, honey, sugar, dates, raisins, chocolate, coffee, salt, bone broth, beef/lamb, oysters, clams, shrimp, albacore, fruit, chicharrones, aspirin USP w/baking soda, collagen, colostrum, cocoa) and gained 20 lbs over the past months but a lot of belly fat/gyno. Some safe starches (potatoes, rice, masa, oats) but not much. I started too high on sugar and had glucose issues (neuropathy feet/hands, crashes) so cut back. Did a full bottle of HN B-complex which I think helped.

Too tired to do much of anything except barely 9-5. Use a red light from LGS and get almost full body sun most days. Appetite is pretty good. Digestion is pretty good but bloating lately. 1-2 BMs/day. Libido is good except recently due to exhaustion. Not much AM wood but some days.

Have bad enviro allergies (grass, tree, ragweed, dust, mold) but no food except peanuts and mold (blue cheeses). Supps: D2 in MCT, HN K2, HN Vit E, started tiny amounts of DHEA/Preg, Mag glycinate (100 mg) w/thyroid.

I'm desperate to feel well, rested, whole. I want to feel NOT LIKE ***t again. Like a human being. Considering I effectively have no thyroid tissue left, that's obviously the primary concern, but as regards the infection, not sure? Thinking about (for my rat) Tyronene, Tyromix . What else? Cypro, MB/Oxidal, Phages? Please help!

PS—Here's my Peaty Chocolate Milk Recipe (50 g protein)

In a 1 one quart mason jar with a shaker ball add:

- 6T sugar
- 2T cocoa powder
- 1T colostrum or casein powder
- 2 scoops (20 g) collagen or gelatin
- 1-2t salt
- splash of vanilla extract

Fill up halfway with milk. Shake vigorously to mix. Fill to top with milk. Shake to mix. Solution settles, so shake/stir before drinking. Enjoy!

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Dec 18, 2018
Welcome! You will get good advice over time here. Bumping you for visibility :)

Peater Pan

Thread starter
Sep 1, 2020
SUFFERING. Have taken 5 mcg T3 and 4 grains of WP Thyroid today (~every 2-2.5 hours). Waking temp: 96.6; High temp: 98.1. Feel AWFUL. :cry: I think the WP back on the market, and possibly all NDT, may be complete trash. I cannot go on like this.


Nov 28, 2017
SUFFERING. Have taken 5 mcg T3 and 4 grains of WP Thyroid today (~every 2-2.5 hours). Waking temp: 96.6; High temp: 98.1. Feel AWFUL. :cry: I think the WP back on the market, and possibly all NDT, may be complete trash. I cannot go on like this.
i cant comment on wp or ndt products but ive had success with cynomel and cynoplus for raising temps, peat speaks highly of them too. but always take your thyroid with food in order to not get a stress response.

Peater Pan

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Sep 1, 2020
i cant comment on wp or ndt products but ive had success with cynomel and cynoplus for raising temps, peat speaks highly of them too. but always take your thyroid with food in order to not get a stress response.
Thank you. This is NOT the same medicine I was stable on 2015-2018. Of course RLC Labs is probably lying when they say 'nothing's changed.' I'm done. Dr. keeps pushing Armour which is >$100/month for the same trash and they've sold out as well. This stuff is killing me. Looking to get some Cynomel/Cyno+. How do you take it? What ratios, timings have worked for you? Just ordered some Tyronene. I think Dr. Peat is on to something when he says (paraphrasing) 'there's no NDT products' he trusts since the original Armour.
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