Thyroid To Canada Without Prescription? Also, I Just Need Help


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Mar 24, 2020
I am apologizing preemptively for the ensuing "novel" I am about to write but I am kinda desperate - Here's a little background on me:

Female, will be 29 next month, took birth control pill from 2007-2018 then stopped, but then had Kyleena IUD (lower dose than Mirena) for less than a year up until January 2020. Had IUD removed in January because of undesirable symptoms (bad weight gain despite no difference in eating habits or activity, bloat, anxiety, terrible acne, depressive episodes), which GP said was likely due to "a touch of PCOS," as she put it, but no formal diagnosis or lab reqs so she nonchalantly tossed me a new 'scrip for the pill, said it would "treat my PCOS," and I just didn't feel like arguing with her so I promptly threw out the 'scrip on my way out of the office. This was no coincidence, as I was introduced to "Peat World" just a couple months prior through Kitty Bloomfield's materials via a facebook ad (seems great but I can't afford her program and with no access to a gym or home equipment now, cannot effectively weight train anymore). I have dabbled a handful of times in low-carb and severe calorie restricting in my mid-twenties but it was always pretty short term, like less than 3 months at a time because I couldn't handle how hungry I was all the time and would always "fail" and give up and go back to eating carbs and more calories and just thought my willpower sucked - duh, that should have been my first clue it wasn't right but it's hard to listen to your body when the fitness and diet industry tells you low-carb and low calorie are the answers to your health and weight loss goals. I was poor growing up so the diet of my youth consisted of lots of starchy carbs, wheat, and gluten products (noodles, pasta, bread, crappy canned soups - oops, I now have a gluten sensitivity) with little quality protein and cheap cooking oils (oh hello, PUFA...). Anyway, to my new understanding, all of this history has become a terrible concoction and catalyst to the decline of my thyroid and general health (and increase of my waistline) and am only now aware of how detrimental all of this was and continues to be. Couple that with family history of diabetes and a chronic smoker of a mother with her own existing hormonal issues and diabetes even during pregnancy with me to boot, I have the odds stacked overwhelmingly against me in recovery of even some of my health, I feel.

Anyway, I have not had labs or testing done, but I do believe I may have at least a subclinical hypothyroid comorbidity with the PCOS (I am afraid to go to a doctor/practitioner or even a Naturopath because I'm sick of being told that avoiding carbs and sugar is the answer to managing PCOS from another girlfriend who has it who has been told that from their Naturopath or having birth control pill 'scrips thrown at me by my GP). I am taking Progest-E all through my cycle in the higher dose (3 drops X 3 per day), and I am finding that it helps somewhat with my symptoms, but the website I got it from also recommends thyroid supplementation along with Progest-E for PCOS, specifically. The hypothyroid comorbidity bit makes sense because I am having trouble with controlling/losing weight, have hair loss and sparse eyebrow ends, still have residual acne (although it's better than it was before), and a bit of an intolerance to cold; however, my temps have improved drastically by doing my best to incorporate as many Peat diet aspects as I can and eliminating PUFA and gluten/most starches over the last 8 weeks and my pulse has improved a little bit from low 60s to low 70s at rest. My temps used to be 35.6-36.0 upon waking and are now consistently around 36.3-36.6 and rising to 37-37.5 after breakfast and staying around there for most of the day but I am worried that may be still to do with high cortisol/adrenaline despite doing my best to control stress and have hearty helpings of sugar and salt.

I desperately want to try and take thyroid hormone supplements but apparently the Mexican source that appears in this forum does not ship to my country of residence (Canada) because of stupid regulations. So my questions are: do you guys think I actually even need thyroid hormone? And if so, where can I get some damn thyroid hormone without a 'scrip in Canada? Or, alternatively, if there is no other way, do you guys have any advice on things I can do to improve my bodily thyroid hormone secretion? Maybe I should just suck it up and try my luck with a doctor or ND to get tested and get my hands on it? I just want to get well and actually feel okay in my body for once in my adult life, especially since I'm getting married next year to the love of my life... :(

Thanks in advance.


Nov 22, 2017
You may not need thyroid supplementation. Your temperatures seem to have improved.

With the progest-e you're taking, and good food, it's probably not driven by stress hormones either.

I think you need to fine-tune your life habits/food. Maybe eat more oysters/liver? More salty foods as you say, listen to your cravings, more protein to suppress excess estrogen.
Maybe you need more magnesium, or selenium from seafood. Or maybe buy a water filter to stop drinking fluoridated water (which can destroy t3). All these little steps can make a big difference.

If you still feel like you need thyroid, you can still get it shipped to canada by using (I'm in Canada too).

PCOS is a thyroid deficiency which increases adrenal activity, but keep improving your lifestyle and the symptoms should get better and better. Are you going to be getting a lot of sunshine this summer? Make sure to egg enough vitamin A from liver, and shellfish as you get more sun, that will enable the production of more hormones.

For you, my recommendations (for what's it worth) you be to

1) eat more protein to help your liver detoxify estrogen, pufas
2) salt to taste, helps literally everything
3) Apply more Progest-E on your body (by spreading it into oil/cream and massaging after showers).
4) Eat the carrot salad with coconut oil and vinegar everyday.
5) Get more sunshine, walks outside and other activities this summer.
6) Eat enough nutrient rich foods like liver, oysters and other shellfish
7) Maybe take a little aspirin daily, dissolved in warm water with baking soda, to lower underlying inflammation.

This should make you the healthiest and happiest, all in time for your wedding. Congrats! (we're roughly the same age)
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