Thyroid Rehab – The Diet and Lifestyle Approach


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Jan 4, 2012
Thyroid Rehab – The Diet and Lifestyle Approach ... w-thyroid/

One of my main missions as an independent health researcher and writer is to encourage people to attempt to solve their own problems before turning their health over to another authority. Neither the mainstream medical establishment, nor the alternative health realm, have particularly good track records with substantially helping people to overcome debilitating, degenerative health problems.

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Feb 11, 2013
Another piece full of undisclosed references to Ray Peat's research and opinions. However, on his site, Matt Stone does send people to Ray Peat's work, so I guess that's alright. More or less.

I just bought his book.

He is a good writer, but he needs an editor pretty badly. The fiction writer in him sometimes takes off in too much of a colloquial manner for the nutrition field. What may work on a blog sometimes doesn't go well in print. Well, "print"... Are eBooks different than books? Should we expect less from them? I, personally, do not think so.
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