Thoughts on mixing baking soda with lemon, lime, vinegar?


Apr 1, 2013
What are your thoughts when it comes to making a drink where you mix baking soda with either lemon juice, lime juice, or vinegar (shooting for a pH of 7)?

I am trying to find out of this is harmful or beneficial.

My thoughts are that if you mix the baking soda with the acids, all you are left with is the sodium salts of whatever is in solution, as the Co2 escapes as bubbles.

For example, if the lemon juice has citric acid, when you add baking soda, it becomes sodium citrate, co2 leaves the glass. So its like there isn't any baking soda in there at all - just more sodium, and less acidic protons.

But as I was researching this here, I heard that for some reason 'citrate' can be looked at as a bad thing? I am trying to get the benefits of the acidic juices (they make me feel good) without any tooth erosion or throat burning.

I have been doing this for a few days and I do feel really good, but I was wondering if it was sustainable? Maybe its better in the long run to drink the acidic form of the juices in very small amounts with meals (like how most people squeeze a lemon on food), and focus on balancing the acidity through other means.

Any help on this topic?


Apr 17, 2013
Re: Thoughts on mixing baking soda with lemon, lime, vinegar

Why the vinegar? What function does it have?
I think it'd be fine with just lemon and lime juices..........
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