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Thiamine And Fatigue

  1. Came across this thread about Thiamine and Fatigue. so I thought I'd post it.

    Thiamine and Fatigue in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases


    Theres more in the link provided.

  2. Nice.
    Unfortunately, I never felt whatever improvement in my fatigue state from Thiamine, taken in the doses mentioned, and higher.
  3. One thing that could easily cause thiamine to be depleted is excessive urination.
  4. Same
  5. @charlie has found out that there can be a problem with transport of common thiamin forms. So, in some cases, it would be necessary to use other forms like allithiamine if I remember correctly. There could be a problem with cofactors as well.
  6. I know the feeling. But don't give up.

    I just went through my nadir two days ago. I was really frustrated that everything I'm working to improve seemed to be going the other way. My blood pressure going up, and my metabolism going down (heart rate going low) and I was just fatigued. And I thought I had overcome fatigue by taking thiamine.

    When I shifted from one proteolytic enzyme to another (ZymEssence to serraptidase) and dialed down the dosage (from 3 to 1 capsule per day) and then drank aloe Vera (self-grown and prepared) I had a remarkable turnaround. I now have a lot of energy and got a lot of things done.

    Keep getting familiarized with your condition. A breakthrough will come if you keep working on it, learning and developing your skill set as you go along.
  7. In fact, 100 mg thiamine hydrochloride makes me less interested in lifting weights. After 400 mg I don't want to move at all.

    5-10 mg with a carb heavy meal causes no perceived discomfort.
  8. Thanks again for your encouraging words yerrag! I‘ll keep at it till I see success.
  9. That’s why I keep coming back to the forum, advise like yerrag’s.
    Learned advise, that means something.
  10. Glad to share!

    Very happy to know that!
  11. This keeps happening for me after nearly six years. I always find just what I need at just the right time. It’s been a real life changing experience!
  12. That's probably because its never just thiamine insufficiency. Also though I am not going to say with certainty, but I am pretty confident that one of the ways thiamine helps fatigue is also increasing acetylcholine synthesis and acetylcholine generally increases orexin, which is the main contributor in wakefulness.

    Orexin is not just any molecule in our body.

    Whenever we’re tired or fatigued, orexin is suppressed.

    It’s not like orexin is one of the many systems that stimulate wakefulness. It’s by far the most significant stimulator of wakefulness. Histamine is also involved, but orexin activates the histamine system. "

    "Orexin also increases our metabolism and body temperature, so if you’re feeling cold and tired, low orexin is partly at fault [2]."

    "Animal models show that low levels of orexin cause obesity, even when fewer calories are consumed [4]."

    30 Natural Ways to Increase Orexin/Hypocretin (Wakefulness) - SelfHacked

    Thiamine's role in acetylcholine synthesis is probably one of the reason it is so good at improving memory and recall. I feel like I am cheating when I take my college exams now, taking B1 the day before with increased choline intake makes it so easy to remember things as long as you study enough.

    I think a B-complex, with increased choline intake especially, would fair a lot better at improving fatigue. This is what has worked for me, lots of eggs spaced throughout the day(each meal) + Bs = great memory, cognitive function, higher wakefulness and alertness, improved workouts(and better recovery), better mood... And fatigue which only improved with the increased choline.

    B1, B5, B12 all have a direct role in making acetylcholine and of those B1 and B5 are likely to the most needed. I've always taken B complex but only after I significantly increased choline intake did it seem to actually work properly(better).

  13. Fatigue is a very common symptom that can be the side-effect of a large number of health-related problems. So while Vitamin B-1 may solve that issue for some, it may not for others, if their issue isn't related to insufficient supply of B1. Iron being too high can cause fatigue, or extremely low iron, or not enough Riboflavin, etc. B vitamins, as redsun mentioned, is good to try, and supporting the general foods that support the bodies healthy methylation and anti-oxidant system. I had fatigue in the past a few times. Very serious fatigue too. I went back and looked at my diet and noticed it was low in some of the B vitamins and other things. Fatigue is a good reminder to go back and look at your diet, in my experience.
  14. It crossed my mind, that B1 in isolation might not be working, so I ate a couple of times a whole bucket of nutritional yeast (125 gr) which is loaded with B`s, but except some yellow pee did not notice any change.

    I did try choline also, but was not consistent with it, because I had a growing suspicion that it makes me gain weight. The gain weight could have been from something else tho, so I`ll give the choline another go, but another point is that it`s not pure choline, but mixed with Inositol (250 + 250 mg each capsule) a substance I don`t know anything about and never took before as well. So, we have variables here, I think.

    I don`t eat eggs atm, because I have a hard time digesting them (sad, never had issues with them in the past, chomped down millions with extreme appetite, they`ve always been one of my staple foods).

    So, what do you think about the Chiloine/Inositol combo? Should I give it another go, or purchase Choline only?