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    I want to procrastinate on some of my "responsibilities", so I thought I'd write this thread.

    A forum dedicated to health should have a friendly environment. That means that ideally, people shouldn't attack each other. Once talk about politics, religion or ethics is allowed, arguing and stress are inevitable, which makes people less open and comfortable talking about personal and health issues.

    The solution: One way to avoid censorship is creating a separate subsection of the website where all controversial topics are discussed. Everybody has a different nickname in that section. For example, if I'm j in the forum, I could be Geronimo in the free talk section. That way if I call somebody an idiot, I wouldn't know who in the health forum I called an idiot. (if, for example, Asimov wants to be Asimov1 in the other section, let him be, the system would still reduce conflicts)

    There can be some identifications due to arguing style, etc., but something like that would greatly reduce conflicts and improve the atmosphere in the health section of the forum. It might be somewhat late, but implementing something like this would greatly reduce this type of issue in the future.

    There would be some other issues with this type of system, but solutions could be designed as the problems occur.
  2. Swandattur

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    Mar 17, 2013
    Hey, yeah! A bickering section.:) Sounds good! So, if a nasty argument broke out elsewhere, the combatants could be moved to the bickering section. Oops! Then they'd know who they were, though. Anyway, they could ask for arbitration if they really didn't like being in an argument. After stumbling into one of those things I often feel bad about it for days. Guess I'm too thin skinned. Maybe it would be good to have a section like that where people were really just an avatar of themselves and maybe see it as more of a game. Well...maybe?
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    Jun 9, 2013
    Just ignore uncivil, unhelpful people. They will always exist.