The Truth On Turpentine


Mar 29, 2016
Have you seen differences in the CBC? It's a cheap test, it would be a great way to get feedback about different regimens. I just don't see much variation in the test results.
Yes, there are differences you can see if you know how to use the values presented. Otherwise, even if there are already glaring differences, you wouldn't be able to tell.

I used to feel that way about the CBC test, but not anymore once I began using optimal range (based on Dr. Weatherby's functional medicine perspective), rather than the standard-of-care range (used by conventional doctors).

These doctors would just say I'm fine where I would find something wrong, or someone that can be corrected before it gets worse later.

We could go on living our lives thinking we're healthy because we keep acing the annual health exams. Then we feel something, get an ultrasound, then realize our kidneys, or heart, or liver, look larger or smaller than usual. And then realize we are at an advanced stage of disease. Only because our expert docs just don't know how to detect budding problems reading simple blood tests.

If they knew how, we would already be having a heads up on it, and we would have kept our organs from deteriorating to the point where the ultrasound alerts us.


Aug 5, 2015
It can have some good anti-parasitic effects but is can also be very irritating to the intestine, and has been shown to be estrogenic in some bioassays. Flowers of sulfur can probably achieve the same results for parasites with no toxicity risk.
What about the dissolved tree gum circulating? The solvent portion introduces those and leaves the gums behind.
Hypothetically speaking How would one dissolve the gum residue internally? Moderate Ethel Alcohol aka Vodka?
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