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The Thread For People Making Their Own Liquid Supplements (progest-e Etc.)


Dec 28, 2021
Heat the oil in a Pyrex glass. I do it Bain-Marie, but a Bunsen burner would serve just as well. Once the oil is hot, add the powder. Do this slowly to ensure full dissolution. Depending on the concentration you wish to achieve, you may have to stir with a magnetic stirrer or with a mechanical one, rather than by hand. Add the tocopherols while the oil is still hot. The volumes of the oil and tocopherols may not be additive, so more oil will be needed to adjust.

This is how I do my liquids. I do them with DMSO, ethanol and water, because oils just take too long to absorb and leave you sticky.
Are you still preparing your hormones with ethanol and DMSO ?
Do you find ethanol dissolves hormones better than DMSO ?
Do you not worry about having high ethanol blood levels with this method ?

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