The Synectics Book (available for download)


Mar 18, 2013
USA / Europe
Hello all,

By popular request, I have made the Synectics book available for download here:

Keep in mind that this is not exactly a scan of the book, but rather I took high resolution pictures of the book's pages with a camera. Sorry, there was no copy machine in the library:):
So, you can still read the book once you zoom in enough but the book is quite large since these are pictures. Not an issue for me, but it may take some time to download. Anyways, I'll keep it online for a week so enough people can download it and then remove it just in case some publishing house complains. Btw, AFAIK the book's copyright has expired so it should not be a problem for us to post the book's contents online. If someone has a good OCR software at hand, maybe they can convert the images to text or PDF.
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