The Sun's Color Temperature Throughout The Day



I found an interesting article about how the color temperature of the sun changes throughout the day. It's about how it relates to photography, but some parts might be interesting to us as well.

Before sunrise: 10,000 degrees K

Before sunrise the only illumination comes indirectly from a blue sky. This produces a characteristic strong steel blue color.

Dawn: 2,000-2,500 degrees K

The lighting will change to a very warm red color just as the sun comes up. Look for the first appearance of shadows.

Early morning: 3,000-4,000 degrees K

The color temperature will become more neutral as the sun continues to rise through the morning.

Midday: 5,500 degrees K

Overhead sun at noon produces neutral colors, though this may not be best pictorially.

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Mar 1, 2013
THE SUn's very high lumen rate makes it much better then what most people produce at him but the uvb and uva make it have less benefits. Blocking out uvb and uva is much more important then blocking out blue.


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biggirlkiss said:
Blocking out uvb and uva is much more important then blocking out blue.

But you can block the blue too, right? So one doesn't really need to choose.


Dec 1, 2012
I think the 2 coincide. UV rays increase in intensity as the sun gets higher in the sky, and the more atmospheric particles blue light comes in contact with the more it scatters (which is why the sun looks red at dusk and dawn and white at noon and why the sky is blue) - so I'm pretty sure UV light acts the same as blue light in this regard. Even if it doesn't, both have highest concentrations around midday. I think I read something about Peat saying to get outdoor light before 11am and after 3pm which seems like sound advice. I know I usually feel more drained when I get midday sun and more energized when I get sun away from midday.


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The argument Peat give for avoiding sunbathing at noon was that it causes PUFA release from the tissues. So if one avoided PUFA for a while, maybe it's not that bad. I prefer to go at noon, more vitamin D is generated that way.
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