The Non Nutritional Side Of Stress Reduction


Sep 11, 2012
I wanted to start a post regarding the two pronged approach to stress and all of the associated issues.

Getting your nutrition right is one prong and the other is psychological.

Meditation has been shown scientifically in many different studies to reduce stress response, promote a positive relaxed attitude, reduce blood pressure.

Here are a couple of studies I quickly googled although there are plenty more better ones out there.

Gentle stretching has a relaxing effect on the CNS also but for different reasons.

Anecdotally I used to meditate every day (I am starting this up again) and found it had a dramatic effect on mood, how relaxed I was and my ability to cope with stressful situations (Reducing the stress dramatically or no stress at all in situations where previously I would have had a high stress response).

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Gentle stretching
Living Consciously (Controlling and being wary of your own thoughts at all times)

All of those things definitely help promote and more relaxed positive outlook therefore reducing the stress response.

Your Thoughts?


Feb 24, 2013
I am a dedicated napper! Seriously, in my recovery, I could never eat very much, but my nutritionist said taking a nap was like having a good snack. Taking a warm bath is like having a stress free cardio session.

I also like to go out in the field a watch the animal eat. No agendas out there, except the joy of a good bite. ;)
(Unless someone's in heat, then food doesn't matter at all. :roll: )
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