The Heart Is Not A Pump

Nov 21, 2015
This video is very interesting. I am going to read Dr. Cowan's book.

He says the heart can't possibly be the pump we think it is.

The walls of the blood vessels would have to be thicker.

There must be other means, local means, to pump blood in the body where it needs to move.

I am still watching this but recommend it. Dr. Cowan is a former ER physician, an MD and seems to be an open minded person who is very good at explaining concepts.



Aug 6, 2017
I have posted some messages tangentially concerning this topic. From the view of a new physiological paradigm. The "mammalian stress mechanism" theory inherently describes this aspect of the heart not being a pump.

You Tube Slide Shows

I don't know how this can be so completely unknown (judging from the youtube view counts) because it is extremely rational concept 100% in agreement with latest research (some of which authored by the person running the website).
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Nov 21, 2015
thanks @rei I must have missed these.

Cowan says blood flows more like sap in a tree, highly structured water receives energy from the body in order to flow.


Jun 11, 2018
Gerald Pollack said that in order for the blood to flow in capillaries extra energy is required and it comes from light. Quote: "Circulation -- Red blood cells work their way through capillaries; light is the driver of flow. Add light and flow increases. Something other than the heart (pressure) is driving the blood".
He also asked a valid question. What drives the lymph around?


May 4, 2019
Didn't watch yet, but tunica media consists on muscle fibers. Meaning physically the blood vessels should be able to pump water.

Yea and the media is thicker in arteries compared with veins so that would help pump blood into tissues


Aug 6, 2017
Also see this
"when water absorbs into a medium, like glycocalyx, it arranges itself with oxygen towards flowing blood. This makes a protonated tube. This makes the water spin. Because of this the heart is not pumping, but the blood is actually pulled. Just wow, i'm speechless,so beautiful"

loose quote, and i'm amazed and almost speechless as well. A true bull**** artist. Why did you share such ... ?


May 30, 2018
"when water absorbs into a medium, like glycocalyx, it arranges itself with oxygen towards flowing blood. This makes a protonated tube. This makes the water spin. Because of this the heart is not pumping, but the blood is actually pulled. Just wow, i'm speechless,so beautiful"

loose quote, and i'm amazed and almost speechless as well. A true bull**** artist. Why did you share such ... ?

I didn't watch this video, but isn't this a "reformulation" of Gerard Pollack explanation about how blood is propulsed when it is in arteriola?


Feb 18, 2018
Also see this
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Apr 29, 2020
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Oct 31, 2012
Cowan is arguing that the design of the heart makes it a hydraulic ram. The blood is driven in by heat and light forces on the liquid plasma. The charge separation described by Pollack The blood isn't pumped out but released. It would be interesting to speculate whether the build up of these charges causes the signal to trigger the release.


Jul 8, 2014
Where to begin...
Of course the heart is a pump. If it stops working, you are dead! I haven't watched the video but these are my conclusion. I have a Ph.D. in physics and also studied aero- and fluid dynamics in Aachen, Germany. I read Gerald Pollack's 'The 4th Phase of Water' and 'Cells, Gels, and the Engines of Life' and Gilbert Ling's book.

However, the heart is just one piece of the whole system. It produces a liquid pressure pulse, and the arteries & veins are made from elastic material. So the blood vessels expand and contract, it works in conjunction with the heart. That's why it is problematic, when the arteries stiffen due to too much calcium. This leads to an impedance mismatch between the heart and the blood vessels and it causes the pressure pulse to get reflected back into the heart, which is destructive in the long term.

One can see this pulse transportation due to the time delay from the moment of the contraction of the heart and the arrival of the pulse, for example, at the wrist. Another important point I want to make, this comes from fluid dynamics. There we know that an initial laminar flow in, for example, water lines will turn turbulent after a certain length, determined by the Reynolds' number. It has to do with kinetic loss at the boundary layer flow close to the surface. So why does the blood flow not lead to turbulence in the arteries? Because the flow is pulsed and not continuous! The flow stops before turbulence can kick in and then starts anew with the next heart pulse.

But that is not all.

We have two different types of liquid bodies in our bodies:
1) The Ling-Pollack structured water in the cells, the water is in a gel-like state, not anymore a 'liquid'
2) The Riddick-McDaniel micro-cluster highly liquid state of the water, governed by the Zeta Potential

I have Thomas M. Riddick's book:
Control of Colloid Stability through Zeta Potential
With a closing chapter on its relationship to cardiovascular disease

The cardiovascular chapter is partially on the web:

Control of Colloid Stability through Zeta Potential & its relationship to cardiovascular disease

Dr. T.C. McDaniel suffered from severe arrhythmia when he was 56 years old, he was frustrated that none of his colleagues or any specialist were able to help him. He wrote this in detail in his book 'Disease Reprieve'. Then he stumbled upon Riddick's book and applied the findings to himself. Riddick also suffered from PVC (premature ventricular contraction) and found relief from electrolytes that strengthened the Zeta Potential of his blood. McDaniel formulated his 'Zeta Aid' based on Riddick's research, which I am taking religiously every day. It is composed of potassium-based electrolytes that strengthen the blood's Zeta Potential. It charges up the blood, so that bacteria, for example, from gum disease or infected teeth won't form 'biofilms' on the arteries, causing inflammation and narrowing of the blood vessels, or formation on heart valves with its destruction by the bacteria film (happened to a friend of mine).

This Zeta Aid, my friends, prevents heart disease!!!

Dr. TC McDaniel Zeta Aid Welcome

So, these special electrolytes, these 'anionic surfactants' charge up the blood particles, causing them to repel from each other. Riddick also showed that when the Zeta Potential achieves its optimum, the viscosity of the liquid reaches its minimum. Blood in this state is a highly optimized liquid with minimal viscosity! This is in contrast to the formation of the gel state of the water in the cells due to polarization of the water dipoles at the polar sites of the cell's protein chains (Gilbert Ling).

Both, the gel-like state of the bound water in the cells and the highly liquid state of water in blood are governed by electrostatic processes. They have a lot of commonality but the state of these two 'bodies of water' are completely opposite!

Then comes the 'bomb shell':

Riddick discovered that the electrical signals picked up by the ECG are not (solely) due to the electric stimulus of the heart muscles but (also) caused by the pulsating movement of the electrolyte in the blood vessels! He simulated this with a pulsating pump with a closed-circuit loop of tubing and inserted electrodes at two positions into the tubing. He saw the 'PQRST' heart pulse in this simple setup!

Who knows what other 'features' are still in hiding. Does the oxygen - carbon dioxide exchange contribute to the 'pumping' of blood, especially in the tiny blood vessels? Here also the electrostatic repulsion, due to the Zeta Potential, helps the red blood cells to squeeze through this transition from arteries to veins.

I contacted the company 'Zeter Meter, Inc.' that Riddick formed back in the 1960s. They sent me a PDF (160 MB) of Riddick's book. If anyone is interested, please contact me.

With best regards, Stephan
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