"The Good Thing About Fish Oil Is. "


Feb 24, 2016

Interviewer: What about fish oils?

RP: It's worse. The good thing about fish oil is that it's so unstable that most of it doesn't survive to reach your bloodstream where it would inhibit your thyroid function; so it breaks down into other compounds which are actually toxic, and the first thing you see affected is the immune system. The breakdown products of the spontaneously oxidizing fish oil include acrolein, which is a carcinogen, and ethane which you can measure on the breath after people eat fish oil. But several of these toxic breakdown products are immunosuppressive, so they have an antiinflammatory effect that in the short run makes them seem beneficial.

Taken from "Thyroid and Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids Part 1" at Dr. Ray Peat's Wisdom


Mar 30, 2015
Canary Spain
...found a good title to make me clic and read you, pakpik, hehe!


Sep 30, 2016
I used to megadose fish oil a few years back. It really cleared up and made my skin glow very nice along with zero joint pain but I felt like crap energy wise. I stopped using it once I found out its actually immune suppressive. It also brought my cholesterol down very low (which is bad now that I think of it)


Mar 30, 2015
Canary Spain
I was so lucky I found peat's article about fish oil, when I was looking for fish oil to buy!
lol I am not lucky, I am wise!
I must say that I hesitated, went back Reading, ...and bought nothing.
Not so easy to read something so different from your previous research!
When I read the rest of the website, well some, not all, I was so surprised!

Actually, I already had doubts, because it was not logical that omega 3, that exist in very Little food, could be so absolutely needed. How could man have evolved in the tropics?

I also was interrogative with the fact that nature gave us taste for sugar, if it was bad, and that the ayurveda says butter is good as medicine....
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