The Effects Of Essential Fatty Acid Deficiency On Brown Adipose Tissue Activity In Rats Maintained A

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    1. The consequences of essential fatty acid (EFA) deficiency on the resting metabolism, food efficiency and brown adipose tissue (BAT) thermogenic activity were examined in rats maintained at thermal neutrality (28 C). 2. Weanling male Long-Evans rats were fed a hypolipidic semi-purified diet (control diet: 2% sunflower oil; EFA-deficient diet: 2% hydrogenated coconut oil) for 9 weeks. 3. They were kept at 28 C for the last 5 weeks. Compared to controls, in EFA-deficient rats the growth shortfall reached 21% at killing. 4. As food intake was the same in EFA-deficient and control rats, food efficiency was thus decreased by 40%. 5. Resting metabolism expressed per surface unit was 15% increased. 6. Non-renal water loss was increased by 88%. 7. BAT weight was 28% decreased but total and mitochondrial proteins were not modified. 8. Heat production capacity, tested by GDP binding per BAT was 69% increased in BAT of deficient rats. 9. The stimulation of BAT was established by two other tests: GDP inhibition of mitochondrial O2 consumption and swelling of mitochondria. 10. It is suggested that the observed enhancement of resting metabolism in EFA-deficient rats is, in part, due to an activation of heat production in BAT.
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    So they had less brown fat but it was more efficient?