The "childlike" Mind, Awake Dreaming, Thoughts & Health/anxiety, Longevity & More


Jul 21, 2019
Near the Promised Land
After being hospitalized time ago I came to some conclusions -- one being that I had no awareness of my health.

When you live with your "life on the line" and do not believe in giving attention to the "second mind" of sorts you basically sabotage any potential ways of aligning the self, ego, physiological states and/or judgments/pre-conceptions, among other things. If we evolve through time and space, does the mind not count as part of this?

I notice some balk at the idea of awake dreaming and childlike wonder in adults, as for some it's too "hippy-dippy" to maybe try and really assess where the mind may naturally take you when you remove the blinders and control systems. Where does the mind go? Do you let it roam and do not try and gain any "hold" on the point you think it should go? Is there a "wrong thing" to think somehow that you steer away from, perhaps?

I knew that I had correlated anxiety from anger, strong emotions and obsessive thinking with heart disease as all of this excessive "storming" above seemed to have taken its toll on the parts below, i.e. the mind and my thoughts/outlooks/fixations show in my body outside the mind in possibly scary ways. Although I cannot explain this biochemically and others might, I know that there is clearly a link between the mind also and your thoughts as part of the functionality and well-being/probably even longevity and resilience to disease that all can come solely from a mindset/mind/brain itself sometimes.

I found that with the serious introduction to meditation that I kind of learned there was a thing as a reachable place of some "peace" or "relief" that quieted the mind from harmful thoughts and such. I literally could not make the connection between the way I was thinking and the way I was feeling, diet and any other factors aside.

People who have never gone astray mentally may not entirely resonate with the dismay or pain that might facilitate itself physically from the mind going in dark, mucky waters. The ego is like the primitive focus on our being and our interpretation and employment of self -- the problem is that you build up the ego around you and it can rigidly formulate itself in a blinding. destructive way. The more you and the ego come together the more you might lose that little something that lets the mind be more of a mind in nature -- not a system of judgment and measures. People think structure/labeling/etc. is necessary, but perhaps not in the way it has come to be in most people.

What some call "fantasy" or "dreaming" is possibly just such because their minds cannot truly dream in any coherent, continuous state. It is seen as something when you sleep possibly because -- outside of many not remembering too many dreams often -- the blur between dream and real life might just be a physiological paradigm of sorts. You recall the dream after sleeping, but that's possibly because you have the physiological means of dreaming in tiny bouts -- the rest of life is the "reality" that is tough and not fulfilling 100%.

Regimens, structures, deadlines, habits, rules, laws, etc. -- it's like the mind de-learning how to dream. Not that dreaming or being awake have to be 100% distinct concepts -- more so overlapping things that need not be entirely distinct identities one experiences. I'm guessing if you dream more when awake, why dream when sleeping (or why need much sleep at all)?

I thought I had to learn how to make the awful reality state like the dream state -- but maybe it's the dream state I need to make proactively real rather than trying to live a dream in a darkened physiological "awake" some might say.

I can recall how this perception of "dream" coincides with reality -- mostly so in how you feel. Ever had a nice dream? Yeah, I'm sure some can recall those from childhood (hopefully). It's almost like it's surreal -- you are aware and living through it, but it feels like a heightened state of ... perfection? The mind within it seems to have the ability to be in this dream state constantly -- how we "unlock it" permanently and thrive in this state is what's more of a kicker (some say LSD, cypro, or other serotonin-influencing drugs can do this, but I don't know really anything much of the mechanism purely biochemically or psychologically).

I have personally found that the "childlike mind" definitely is one of the possible links between anti-aging, recovery, and resilience -- like Peat has correlated kids & their metabolisms with greater resilience to trauma and such. Sometimes also drugs or such can induce this state -- other times maybe it's possible for people to "get there" with the way they use their minds and its own influence on its processes.

Blocking life to live in a system of life is not living actual true life as it was maybe intended. Maybe that "deluded dream" or "blur" between what some have experienced on drugs and/or other physiological states is the awareness of the awake dream and the rigid mind -- or some state in-between. It's known that dreams are only typically seen as bad when they are nightmares -- but that's more so trauma of sorts I'd say than anything. Just like you have good dreams you can also have bad ones -- and you can lose your way potentially to chasing a dream state and feeling stuck in the developed sense of ego.

I noticed that as I tore my ego down a bit at times I realized the person inside in some sense -- like seeing me and maybe understanding myself uniquely with no external links -- like seeing yourself in the mirror but mentally if that makes sense. You see what you become, but what you become isn't entirely under your control -- so you lose touch at what you are vs. what you become/became. You are what experience makes you, but maybe too much of the wrong experience makes you not exactly what you wanted to be or were best as. Structure of ourselves forms itself as a regulator for needs and demands as we see fit -- but the person you are carved in to deviates from the person you naturally grow in to given nourishment and ideal environments. Like people witness the "dream" as an escape, maybe it's not so much that you have to demonize the lucidity of asinine expressions of dreaming vs. being awake and see what the real divide is between the two and how they define, shape, or dissipate you in sorts.

You can try to live life like it was your idea of a dream from the state of not dreaming -- or actually manage to dream and thus have no need to "pursue" it from a mechanical point-of-view, i.e. just live in it.

During certain times I have entered a sort of "awake dream" like state that isn't something you can define, but must learn to experience/revel in it for yourself if you can. Imagine like "letting go" and just enabling your mind to do as it pleases somehow to its own pure benefit mostly, like pleasant background chatter and imagery that flows through your head. You have no specific orientation or presumption or requirements or schedules or etc. -- just live and experience and see. Another way of viewing it as sorts is just pretending like you are viewing life from a dog or a cat or a bird's eyes -- unable to perfectly structure everyone and see it on a fine mark or purpose. You cannot use a bridge-like association analogy because a cat likely doesn't make perfect associations between things and rigidly grows accustomed to them -- they probably constantly see experiences anew and although connections can be made they also can be broken down and "remade" rather than learning, mapping and fixating associations or correlations together like a machine would do in, say, a computer program that checks if a variable matches a number and then only does a small set of things if such. With a truer plasticity at its peak you never have Alzheimer's, "brain aging" or rigid views and extremely restrictive thinking given ideas of things in your life. Rather, instead of living in a mostly-continuously fixing state of associations of everything and every experience around you just live and don't worry about things like what this means or must mean or should mean -- instead you spend most of your time in a changing state that holds no boundless, rock-solid structure to it in any way.

Maybe to summarize it the sooner you start dreaming when awake the quicker you realize a dream isn't sought after based on life conditional "rules" to achieve some sort of prestige but is lived/experienced innately in some way.

The only caveats you could say would be how "stable" you can be in a true awake dream-like state that is continuous for a longer duration of time. The "filter" is arguably there for protection somehow, but is it maybe possible to ditch the filter but keep the balance and protection in other ways? Also, how anti-human/physiological/etc. would it be to go against the grain and live in another "plane" permanently? Is the act self-sacrificial/suicidal in some way, or is the mind able to balance itself out in a functioning, healthy way that enables the utmost optimal conditions as if we assumed one also lived in the non-dream or "awake" state more concretely?

Perhaps the mind needs some "grounding," and losing some of that results in a lost state where one cannot formulate ego and structure adequately given specific societal rules and such, but also cannot find solace with out ego or structure either, netting one in a less than optimal state where health can deteriorate. Reality is said to be "harsh," but maybe that's because the concepts are backwards -- harsh "real life" and "nice dreams." Maybe you need that dream to be heightened, and "realism" will show its true colors rather than struggling in a man-made prison of living system while looking for the "escape route" in all of the wrong places.
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When I man seeks to escape, he is living in a prison. Literal, physiologically, or existentially. In solitary confinement, all you can do is imagine, if you can't read books. You must plug in and out of the matrix to take care of your physical body, while your mind escapes to a place where you can keep your sanity. Without no relations, no materials, no resources, you experience boredom. The same way a child experiences boredom the class run and goes off to imagine themselves in a better scenario, playing video games, sports, hanging out with friends, etc. The child imagines themselves in a very likely scenario. The child who doesn't dream a likely scenario, is more like the prisoner in isolation, where there is no possible fruition to the imagination. This is a dangerous place for people because there is no grounding in the physical world, people don't take care of themselves, eating, sleeping, hygiene etc this is very akin to mental illness patients.

The child the goes home and plugs themselves into video games and doesn't imagine anything for themselves in this reality, is in that same dangerous place living in an alternate reality, where there sense of self disappears. They are the character, the rank, the score, on the team, running and gunning. It's all escapism. However this more of the practical reality. Most people are not constantly finding themselves day dreaming.

Persistent day dreaming about alternate realities and not your own, is mild schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is almost a chronic state of shock. You know when a parent loses a child and they say they are off at camp, or they are coming back, or they ran away, you see it all the time in movies, tv shows. This reality is too much for them to live in, so they create their own, their new ground, which is unsettling to people who can handle the truth. People do not move to other people's dreams. Alzheimer's is just that, they don't know what time, where, who, or what is going on in someone's mind. All that we can communicate on is this plane. People with regret, finding themselves living in that same alternate past reality. If only they knew better.

Life is very tough in this introspection, this is why I do not do drugs. There is no need for doubt, or paranoia, when looking back at your parents, family, childhood etc. Meditation for me has no use. My mind needs substance. Boredom creates dreams. Maybe that's why we dream when we are asleep, because we are bored. You can not be curious when you are dreaming either. If you are curious, you go to resources in the physical world and work by science. Dreaming only exists around you. Not a subject without you. Not history without you. Dreaming always puts the ego into context. A very innate source of empathy. Empathy and imagination go hand in hand and too often it is seen in these labels, of leftism, liberalism, etc. On the other side of the dichotomy, there is not empathy, just rationality, and curiosity. Curiosity knows no collective. The ego is drawn to collectivism to support itself in a community. Curiosity is the only place for an individual, not a group.

The greatest things that I can think of that is relative to this discussion of curiosity, empathy and imagination, is what has been shared in one of the greatest psychological shows that I have watched, is the show Hannibal on Netflix. So does Hannibal Lecter account on from his memory bank, drawing Florence from memory, keeping his ego alive, while trapped in isolation.

Personally I don't think people should dream about a different life, different realities, etc. Imagination is an inferior quality to curiosity. Imagination/meditation is still egocentric. The only time you can get away from the ego is by absorbing knowledge, reaching a goal, making changes. The ego is not a problem when you are moving. It's only a problem when you are moving still, then you fall victim to the pleasure and virtue traps hence our entire generation of millennials. Pleasure - most connoted with sin, gluttony, lust, alcoholism, drug use, etc and virtue signalling are the cheapest drugs one can feed themselves before acknowledging they have no resourcefulness or resources, they have no curiosity, all they can do is empathize, collectivize, and eventually existentialize and try to tear down society to suit their imagination of what society should be.

Just keep moving. This is the problem with seniors. All they have left is to dream, or remember. Idk if your a senior or not, but I would bite the bullet than be put in a home to play board games, nap time, and have to talk with other elderly people. Life in a sense is about legacy and sharing that wisdom. So perhaps people could dream/imagine a life better for themselves, a possible reality from old to new.


Jun 15, 2020
I knew that I had correlated anxiety from anger, strong emotions and obsessive thinking with heart disease as all of this excessive "storming" above seemed to have taken its toll on the parts below
it's storming below that causes the storming above, not the other way around


Jan 6, 2019
Interesting thoughts, thanks for sharing.

Imagine like "letting go" and just enabling your mind to do as it pleases somehow to its own pure benefit mostly, like pleasant background chatter and imagery that flows through your head.
I think you are describing the technique used in transcendental meditation.
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