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the Burrs' moribund doctrine of "essential fatty acids" was


Aug 28, 2012
the Burrs' moribund doctrine of "essential fatty acids" was resurrected to graft onto a mistaken cholesterol-saturated fat doctrine of heart disease, then John Yudkin introduced the idea that it was sugar, not saturated fat, that caused heart disease, and finally people like Lustig and Mercola turn it into a cult.


Re: the Burrs' moribund doctrine of "essential fatty acids"

Ray Peat said:
In the 1930's, it was pointed out that all of the changes produced in rats by a diet lacking the "essential fatty acids" were the same as the changes occurring in hyperthyroidism.

Source: The Centrality of Anticipation, from Generative Energy: Restoring the Wholeness of Life.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find a reference.