The Body Temperature Is Very Important


Aug 31, 2015
“The body temperature is very important and doctors instead of thinking about why is changing, there have been publications in recent years saying the human body temperature that has been recorded as normal for more than 100 years, suddenly in recent years it’s no longer normal, body temperature averages now well below 98.6 F or 37.0 C, and what’s happening in the population is on average becoming sicker and hypothyroid, figures are showing that inflammatory diseases are increasing like an epidemic among young people, the premature death incidence is increasing in young people just since the turn of the century, many things increased 40 years ago, those things seem to be contributing to increased incidence of all of the slowdown in function, including depression and inflammatory diseases. The first thing to check, really is your temperature and heart rate, and see if you burning too few calories, you should be able to, at rest, burn something like 2200? calories, just your basal metabolic activity should be producing a lot of heat, and if your adrenal hormones and thyroid hormone are lower than average your energy is going to be lower and that makes everything stressful, and the estrogen is one of the fairly extreme indicators of the stress state, but serotonin is a universal indicator of stress it will turn on all of your pituitary hormones for example, and those hormones, serotonin, and estrogen are sort of like beating a tired horse, they will increase some functions, and make you feel better temporally, but they are doing at the risk of harming various vital functions. Estrogen acts on the brain somewhat like cocaine to keep things excited all they up of creating seizure if it's too excited, and as the energy production decreases, the brain shifts over to those of the emergency things to try to keep going, adrenaline, serotonin, and estrogen are raised as your thyroid and metabolic rate decrease, and those can either create mania overactivity ore depression and under activity and keeping your thyroid up is essential basic thing. There have been experiments in recent years repairing the energy system without attending properly to thyroid using chemicals such as methylene blue which will carry the electrons that thyroid hormone should be carrying, but people have seen very great improvement from example in both depression and dementia, correcting the energy deficiencies that were causing the problems, but methylene blue is just a poor chemical substitute for the active thyroid hormone, sort by things like DHEA, progesterone, and pregnenolone, all those three steroids are brain hormones.” Ray Peat

Dr. Ray Peat - Menopause & Estrogen; Thyroid; Coronavirus; Glaucoma; Food Combining and More! - February 17, 2020 | One Radio Network


Apr 7, 2017
This quote was a wake up call to me to get back on thyroid. I love MB and use Haidut’s Oxidal to great effect, but Peat is saying here that it’s a poor substitute for active thyroid hormone.
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