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The Best Type Of Cookware?

Discussion in 'Additives, Cookware, Eating Out, Spices' started by Steve123, May 11, 2019.

  1. Steve123

    Steve123 Member

    Aug 2, 2017
    Looking for the best cookware.. Need a new sauce pan, best looking one i've come across is vision cookware..
    Wayfair.co.uk - Shop Furniture, Lighting, Homeware & More Online

    Says glass ceramic material? Is that okay? Sure i read in this forum of someone who was using visions and ended up testing the water that was boiled in a visions piece and it was high in one of the heavy metals.. Think it was cadium or something cant remember exactly.. Visions website states other wise..

    or any other suggestions for uk folks? Thanks guys
  2. bk_

    bk_ Member

    Apr 6, 2018
    Hmm interesting how glassware would contaminate food with cadmium or some heavy metal as would assume its inert to most chemicals. I couldn’t access the description of the cookware you linked but seek out Pyrex glassware as we used this for handling chemicals and strong acids in the lab (with some exception such as HF acid).

    I personally prefer good quality stainless steel cookware for its corrosion and subsequently contamination resistance and ease of use.

    While I can’t speak empirically of contamination from glass or stainless steel, I do know it’s best to avoid aluminum, cast iron, and in many cases non-stick pans. Aluminum and cast iron readily react with acids from sauces (Are cast iron pans unsafe?) while nonstick coatings can break down at high temperatures or flakes off into food.

    As far as contamination from corrosion/chemical resistant cookware, I’d be more concerned about food itself.