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Tetracyclines, ROS & Light-driven Antibiotics Approach (antimicrobial Photodynamic Inactivation)


Jul 21, 2019
Near the Promised Land
Has anyone read/looked over this article? I've never heard of/knew this was possible until recently.
Tetracyclines function as dual-action light-activated antibiotics (in vitro/incubated cells)
I'll bold/quote some of the parts I thought were interesting, assuming this hasn't been discussed/spoken of much here:

"Among many PS that have been investigated, tetracyclines occupy a unique niche. They are potentially dual-action compounds that can both kill bacteria under illumination, and prevent bacterial regrowth by inhibiting ribosomes."

"Tetracyclines can accumulate in bacterial ribosomes, where they could be photoactivated with blue/UVA light producing microbial killing via ROS generation."

"Tetracyclines function by inhibiting bacterial ribosomal protein synthesis [11], and are generally considered to be bacteriostatic rather than bactericidal, although this has been questioned."

"In summary, we have demonstrated substantial reductions in the MIC values of tetracyclines by activating them with light. Our findings suggest that localized infections by highly resistant organisms could be rendered treatable by the use of aPDT mediated by the antibiotics themselves."

(I assume MIC means minimum inhibitory concentration)

I think CamphoSal supposedly has a similar mechanism through which it acts like an antibiotic/bactericide of sorts in the gut/etc. by way of reactive oxygen species as well, no? This approach is about using the antibiotics that presumably aren't directly bactericidal, but introducing light in to the equation to have the process unfold differently.

Just thought I'd post this since I saw the other thread regarding tetracyclines/antibiotics and their possible negative effects in mitochondria's function.
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