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Testosterone Red Light Protocol?

  1. I recently got these two devices:
    https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B071Z12H67 (660nm)
    https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004F9LF7E (850nm)

    I also have this light meter on the way to measure exact dosage:
    (This measures lux, instead of mw/cm2 - still need to figure out how to make that conversion)

    I'm not certain of the correct frequency and dosage. I was planning on using the 850nm/660nm both every day for 15m on the front/back of my body.

    For my two boys, I was going to use the 660nm every day for 10m. I'm a little hesitant to use the 850nm because of the results in this study that show that 850nm caused damage. It seems like that study used an overpowered laser on tiny rat junk - seems like that could be the reason. In that thread some people say they do it multiple times a day, and others only very infrequently.

    Is it safe to do this every day?
  2. Dosing matters quite a bit according to this post:
    Complete guide to light therapy dosing - Red Light Man

    I sat down and calculated irradiance and dosage for these lights in order to achieve 1J/cm2. Maybe someone can check my work?

    I was actually surprised to find that the 850nm light, probably due to the wide angle of its lights (45-60) produces a much lower irradiance. Unfortunately, the only source I could find for the irradiance was this comment by the seller stating that its 30mW/cm2 at 3in for a similar light. I'm not sure how reliable this is.

    This is what I came up with:

    distance | irradiance | exposure time to achieve 1J/cm2
    6 inches | 100mw/cm2 | 10s
    12 inches | 25mw/cm2 | 40s
    18 inches | 11.1mw/cm2 | 90s
    24 inches | 6.25mw/cm2 | 160s

    distance | irradiance | exposure time to achieve 1J/cm2
    6 inches | 7.5mw/cm2 | 133s
    12 inches | 1.875mw/cm2 | 533s (~10m)
    18 inches | 0.833mw/cm2 | 1200s (20m)
    24 inches | 0.46875mw/cm2 | 2133s (~35m)
  3. I have been using 100/200w infrared lamp on my balls for 20 minutes a day and it definitely increases test.
    I used to be on the low end of free test on previous blood test, after using the lamp for like 2 months I was actually quite a bit over the reference range...

    The 200w lamp def gets a little too hot though, 100w is enough.
  4. Nice TY for sharing. No negative side effects that you've noticed?
  5. No, no problems at all.
    Maybe after a while you would get higher estrogen levels from the increased test.
    I forgot to check that on the blood test, maybe something to watch out for if you are sensitive to estrogen.
  6. How much was your total T before and after treatment, how much time between blood tests?
  7. I didn't do a before and after just for the red light.
    I had never been below reference range on test, but I had always been barely within range for free test.

    I played around with hormones and was shut down and didn't really recover a 100% until I did the red light.
    After doing it and feeling better I went and did a blood test to see where I'am at.
    Total T was 6.50 (ref range: 1.65-7.53 for ppl below 50years of age)
    Free T 37.69 (3.8-34.17)

    I think it doesn't do much for total T, I feel it's like drinking a energy drink it gives a quick short term boost but doesn't last forever.
    You gotta do it daily, best would prolly be morning/dinner/afternoon for 10 minutes but that's kinda too much of a hassle.
  8. Haha this red light therapy will always have me laughing. At first I was so skeptical but with all these testimonies...
    Isn't it possible to do a "home-made" red light engine ? Like with a special bulb or anything ? Or does it work with the sunlight directly on balls ?

    Do you know/have link explaining how it biologically works ?? And why also, why evolutionnary speaking red light would do that :holysheep
  9. Sure it's possible it costs literally 10 bucks, a cheap one works MEDISANA INFRARED LAMP IRLHEAT LAMP | eBay

    The light increases blood flow wherever you shine it.
    If you shine it on your donger you will have an erection by just touching it.

    Sunlight would be good too but prolly not as effective for this particular task.
  10. Haha that is already what happens to me. Do all the effects of red light therapy come from better blood flow or are there other variables ?
  11. I'am sure there are a lot of variables but they are all poorly understood.
    There's a lot of "bro science" for light therapy where different light spectrums have different effects on the body.
    I know for plants different wavelenghts cause different effects blue light keeps them more compact for instance and red light stretches them more.

    Blue light is supposed to promote wakefulness ect.
    So I'am sure you could spend a life time researching the effects and still not have all the answers, I say just test for a couple months and see if you notice any positive effects.
  12. Shame that this, like most things, only has positive effects as long as you use it. When you stop you lose all the benefits, right? I found that red light had great effects on my thyroid that way too, but when I quit, it was like I never even used it. No permanent changes or healing take place, which I found very disappointing. Ideally we shouldn't have to use these things.
  13. Yea, that goes for everything in life if you stop doing it, it goes back to baseline.
    But like I said it helped me kick start test production to baseline after using exogenous hormones.
    That stayed but the high free T levels would certainly be gone after a week of not using the infra red lamp.
  14. im started to use an oldschool redlight on the balls device one normally uses to warm face when sinusitis hits.
    its like 700nm and warm, so i keep 30-40cm distance to not heat the balls. time: max. 4min/day.

    so WHAT is actually happening? which type of T does it increase? Total ?free? or DHT?
    from my experience, it FEELs like a spike in DHT. because: increased size,beard grows faster, deeper voice and a more relaxed/playful/supreme state of mind. way better cognition, at least linear thinking like chess/science
  15. There’s only one way to know it: bloodtest. I’d be glad to see them.
  16. it already boosted me from 4ng to 6,9ng. but that day it was the first time. now im doing it daily. is it safe daily? or will the leydigs get used to it and be lazy doushes again? mood,creativity,drive all way above used to. i somehow had similair effects in a tanning studio several times bevore.
    so: more boners,size,creativity,confidence,relaxation,performance,darker teint (i even hear better music,play faster and more accurate violin and my chess-performance increased by 200 ratingpoints...quiet amazing!)
    BUT: on the downside it feels like suppressing my immune-system - sth i got also from exogenous DHT.
    any other guys in here to back up these results ?
    but in my particular case i am not gonna do bloods again for any scientific proof. id rather stay in my illusion of now having 12+ng of testosterone and acting like that, which in turn will make me have more T, than knowing where im really at ;) its all in your head brah
  17. before redlight: months without morning wood.
    since redlight: consistently morning wood.

    other variables: slightly improved diet, daily 3-5000IU of vitamin D. maybe its not redlight only, but synergistic effects of being coached by @danishispsychic and a general feeling of agency returning.
  18. Depends on intensity but every day can easily be too much.
  19. Can you elaborate about your device? Watts, number of LEDs, nm. Model? Brand?
    I’d like to try it too.
  20. i use this one...it was cheap like 10 or 20€ only.


    it looks trash...but to me its worth the investment. at least the warmth is a nice feeling. also one can use it before sex/sauna to noticably add size.
    still feel energized, oily skin, daily morning wood and the urge to have sex several times a day
  21. Philips R95 IR 100W E27 230V Red | Any-lamp
    Incandescent 100 w, it must heat your balls pretty fast. That’s the lamp used in your device
  22. exactly this one! i let down the pants put the device in the pants and shine the boyz from down below. they dont relly heat, the maximum it reaches is 45Celcius in 40cm distance. as said, my maximum time is 4min. as soon they feel too warm id stop. inside the cojones start to make odd moves when the redlight hits
  23. I have the 12w version and found a chart of irradiance from the seller

    "A chart of µmol/m²/s is shown on the 12W bulb. To convert 660nm light from µmol/m²/s to mW/cm² multiply by 0.0181. The total irradiance of the 25W bulb is a little less than double that of the 12W bulb."
    so I get the following for the 12 w with a target dose of 12 J/cm2. A typical dose used in many studies.

    Distance inches 6 -12- 18 -24
    ppfd from chart 2856- 1480- 809-482
    Power Density in mW/cm² 52 -27- 15- 9
    dose J/cm2 12 - 12 - 12 - 12
    time sec 232 - 448- 820 - 1375
    minutes 3.9 -7.5 -13.7- 22.9

    just divide by 2 for the 25w you have.

    Your numbers for 6 inches seem about right but the greater distances seem off. When I plug in a dose of 1 J/cm2 I get this:
    Distance inches 6 - 12 - 18 -24
    ppfd from chart 2856 -1480 - 809 -482
    Power Density in mW/cm² 52 -27 -15 -9
    dose J/cm2 1 1 1 1
    time sec 19 - 37 - 68 -115
    minutes 0.3 - 0.6 -1.1 - 1.9

    Lux or Lumens typically cant be used to calculate irradiance. Lux/Lumens only refers to visible light whereas irradiance covers all spectrums incl invisible ir. With that said you may be able to use your meter on the 660nm light, since that's all visible, but I have no idea what the conversion factor would be.

  24. Life is temporary.
    The food you eat is temporary.
    The air you breathe is temporary.
    Everything is temporary.
    Literally shining a ridiculous LIGHT on yourself makes you feel better and that's "disappointing"... srsly?

    Sure it'd be great if nobody was sick, nobody suffered, nobody had maladies but this isn't a TV show or a book in the fiction section.

    I'm not trying to be flip or minimize your suffering but think about what you just said...

    'I can shine the equivalent of a flashlight on myself daily and I feel better... no drugs, no excessive expense, gives me a few minutes of quiet, alone to relax
    and that's disappointing'

    This is the same logic that has modern medical science talking about the people who RESPOND to placebo as if they're dumb or they weren't in on the joke. (I'm not comparing red light effects to placebo, just the mismatched expectations and conclusions are similar)
    EVERYTHING should work as readily and harmlessly as pointing a light at yourself.
    Yes I get you'd like a "permanent fix" but....
  25. Who else uses the life giving labs red lights?
  26. So I have been experimenting with different times. I tried different periods of time, for both the 660 and 850, ranging from 30 seconds up to 10 minutes. To make things easy, I run the 660/850 for equal amounts of time even though the 850 has much less irradiance.

    For now, 5 minutes, about 1ft away, seems like a sweet spot. Much more or less than this didn't seem to have the positive effect on my mood and libido.

    That said, my experimentation has been a bit haphazard so I'm going to try going through different times again to confirm.

  27. You are the best !! Haha!

    I can't believe how much benefit that you have derived from that basic device. I am going to PM you.
  28. Thank you for double checking my calculations!
  29. hey all, do you think this redlight device can help to heal injuries? I have a nagging hamstring tendon that wont go away
  30. hey all, do you think this redlight device can help to heal injuries? I have a nagging hamstring tendon that wont go away
  31. So I have got this device:
    - Life Giving Store
    -160mW/cm² @ 0″

    So can anyone tell me Time + Distance for exposure?

    Last night I tried 10 seconds at about 30cm away, and have not noticed much at all.
  32. it still works with my cheapo redlight device. 2-4 min eo day. i dunno about actual T levels but im a noobie in gym but still very strong, put on muscles easily on the legs and progressin quiet quick evry week. (60kg squat is ok for beginners, 200kg legpress 15times too). beard grows, voice deepens. ok, i started eating 2 eggs in the mornign. but it FEELS like testo is through the roof.
    plus the regeneration is speeding up, can train 3 times a week now.