Testicular Pain Upon Drinking Coffee?


Jan 9, 2019
Does anyone else suffer from this with regular use of coffee? It's more of an ache, like the aftermath of a mild hit but lingering.

Happening on and off for years if I try to drink every day.

will be doing another go soon. Can't find much information on this besides possible blood flow issue? Pushing metabolism too high without enough food? Idk, I eat pretty well most of the time, almost exactly to maintenance with the usual "Peat" foods.

If I don't consume a majority of my cup as milk (latte) or eat enough food before hand coffee almost always sends me to the moon, if I have no food I'm basically a helium balloon that's been released, mild shakes, immense cognitive stimulation and eventual dehydration and horse voice. Coffee is a hell of a drug to me if I don't buffer it.
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