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Temperature Reset à La Steve Richfield

  1. For now just a summary of my reset attempt and tommorow a follow up and more details

    -have a decent breakfast and some sugared coffee to heat myself up
    prepared all the layers of heavy clothing, prepared 5 mcg of T3 and 12.5 mcg of T4, took thermometer and entered a steaming shower
    -oral temperature in shower rather quickly shoots up to 37.3°c (99.14°F)
    -get out of shower, quickly dry up and dress in the following: shorts, thick long trousers, thick long socks, skiing pants, t-shirt, thin long sleeve shirt, thick long shirt, winter jacket, wool mitts, wool hat
    -set up in a small pre-heated bathroom
    -initial temperature dips to 36.5°c (97.7°F)
    -pop 5 mcg of T3
    -within 20-30 minutes temperature shoots past target and lands at 37.3°c (99.14°F)
    -start making slight adjustments and taking off clothing, after some fiddling acquire stable temp of 37.0°c (98.6°F)
    -maintain stable goal temperature for 15 minutes, measure every 2 minutes
    -after 15 minutes, all hell breaks loose
    -suddenly pulse increases to 140-150 out of nowhere, sweating, heat waves, feel like fainting
    -I take the emergency T4, it doesn't help
    -"F this **** CALL 911"
    -rush out of bathroom shedding some clothing, quickly go downstairs, temperature bottoms out 36.2°c (97.16°F) like lightning
    -barely get it together, think I'm gonna abandon the whole thing
    -make it one last attempt, I put all the clothing back on, go to my room this time, sit in front of the computer and call my brother for support
    -I start heating up again, trying to stave off the panic attacks
    -Need to keep temperature in control but every time I put the thermometer in my mouth I get a panic attack and my pulse shoots up 40-50 BPM
    -My brother tries to distract me as much as possible while I take the measurements, the conversation and browsing helps keep me together somewhat
    -After a while I get a lock on 37.0°c (98.6°F) again, had to add a scarf to maintain the temperature
    -Feeling incredibly hot (not in the sexy way either) and my body is really fighting the normal body temperature
    -Occasional miniature panic attacks as my CMCS tries to overthrow my attempts but it eventually gives in
    10:00 - 14:00
    -More or less keeping a stable temperature between 36.9 - 37.2°c (98.42 - 98.96°F), still feeling really hot at these temperatures. I realise at this point that the fact that my body feels overheated at a normal body temperature means my temperature set point is indeed low and that my body simply doesn't want this method of operation (but is entirely capable of working it)
    -Have a meal, try to go to the bathroom and take off 5 layers of clothing before losing any degrees
    -Still need all this clothing to maintain 37.0°c (98.6°F) but am successful at doing so
    -Suddenly my temperature with the same clothing starts to shoot up to 37.4°C (99.32°F)
    -Realise my body has started to cooperate somewhat and is overheating
    -Remove the hat, gloves, loosen the scarf, it's still not enough
    -Finally had to take off the jacket entirely and now I am again settled on 37.0°C
    -I have some cold OJ and some dairy which cool me off, but within 5-10 minutes I feel my internals flame up again (though the oral temperature takes 10 minutes to show true readings after a cold meal)
    -I shoot right back up to 37.0-37.1 (98.6 - 98.78) even after a cold beverage
    -Still easily maintaining 37.1 (98.78) without the jacket, scarf, cap or gloves, definitely easier to reach the same temperature at this point with less clothing so something has changed internally since morning
    -temperatures still stable
    -pulse has felt fairly high all day, go to take readings
    -see pulse is 96 but blood pressure reads 170/80
    -miniature panic attack, don't want to measure anymore
    -take beta blocker to calm myself down
    -before the beta blocker even has a chance to work I take measurements again and after 2-3 measurements once the adrenaline has cleared my pulse is 65 and my blood pressure 135/65
    -lost a bit of temperature while fiddling with the device (had to take my long sleeves off to measure pressure)
    -go back upstairs, put on my scarf and quickly heat bakc up to 37.1(98.78)
    -still good
    -realise I've successfully maintained 37.0 (98.6) for an entire day with a high pulse. done what I failed to do with thyroid hormones, food, or any supplements combined
    -awaiting change of set point to evening temperatures - 36.3°C (97.34°F) - not sure when this is supposed to happen
    -hopefully gonna maintain that temperature overnight with blankets and warm clothing
    -wait to see what tommorow brings
    -I was supposed to be asleep at this point, but I can't sleep. Steve mentioned needing far less sleep once the temperature has increased and this is more in line to my sleeping habits as as a teen where I went to bed at 2 AM and woke up at 8 AM without a problem. Still disappointing cause I wanted to get proper rest this night
    -My temperature did not drop to 36.3 as expected, I had it dip a few times but right now it is at 36.7 (98.06) ° which seems high for a night-time temp and should have dropped to 36.3 according to Steve. Not sure what is keeping the temp up. Perhaps overactive adrenals during night-time as I used to (up until now, will see this night) wake up in the night with a pounding heart and I have heart palpitations daily
    -Despite the fact that I am only in my pants right now in a fairly chilly room I can't drop my temperature below 36.6 (97.88)°.

    Note for this experiment I am going to drop all thyroid hormones because I already feel hyperthyroid as hell and my pulse is very high. My pulse used to be 50-60. It's been 80+ for the majority of today. Definitely very serious metabolic changes happening in my body as a result of this experiment. It will be interesting to see what symptoms can be hopefully fixed with this.

    Stay tuned
  2. Very very useful. Thank you. Excited to read more .
  3. Very interesting
  4. Have you tried warming up with red light. I find this brings my temps up really well.
  5. Certainly helps, but should hopefully become obsolete after resetting completely ^_^

    DAY 2
    Steve says that temps will not stay up for long on the second day (only up to an hour) - this is normal and to be expected. Let's see what happens. I will try to keep it up as long as I can.

    -Woke up around 7 AM, temps were 36.1 (96.98) (slightly lower than should be but still higher than usual) and pulse was low - 47. Slept pretty well though.
    -Had cheese, some OJ and an apple for breakfast, then a sugared coffee
    -Prepared my clothes and jumped into the shower, got up to 37.1 (98.78)
    -Dried off and put on the heavy clothing, then tweaked for 15 minutes to settle at 37.0 (98.6)
    -Did not take any pills or hormones of any kind today
    -No racing pulse or negative reactions today whatsoever
    -Moved to my room which was chillier this morning than usual - was afraid I wouldn't be able to keep temps up
    -Easily settled down at 37.0 (98.6)° with one piece of clothing LESS than yesterday - able to ditch the scarf despite the room being colder, it seems my body is working with me a bit more this morning to keep temps up on its own
    -able to take my temps repeatedly without any kind of panic attacks or increases in pulse - it seems my psyche figured out this is reasonably safe
    -creeping up to 37.1 (98.78)°, unbuttoning jacket (in comparison yesterday I was buttoned up until about 15:00 (3 PM)).
    -no crash yet still 37.0 (98.6), had to take off mittens
    -temperatures are still up
    -I keep having to remove bits and pieces of clothing to maintain the same temperature which would suggest the internal metabolism is ramping up
    -my body is now fairly reliably guiding me towards 37.0 (98.6). Whenever I start to feel uncomfortable I check my temps and it's usually a little bit over like 37.1 (98.78) or 37.2 (98.96). Then I loosen some clothing to feel comfortable again and when I recheck temps it's usually bang on 37.0 (98.6)
  6. Just talking about getting up to temperature. Instead of a hot car etc.
  7. Yeap, whatever can heat you up is good. I don't have a red light source strong enough to heat me up so much, and using electricity is also costly.
    If anyone has a go at this I'd really recommend to set up in an area where you normally spend your time and are familiar with, and surround yourself with friends and family who you can trust.
    There are a lot of things that can go wrong while your brain is scrambling to figure out how to function in the new mode you've put it in, and during that time you can experience some very
    unpleasant things like I outlined above, which can perpetuate into a panic attack. I thought I was ready for it and I wasn't. Today is much smoother however.

    I'd also point out just how amazed I am that this approach actually works and that I am actually seeing most of the things unfold in front of me just as Steve had written. I was very skeptical and it sounded like science fiction to me.
  8. Wow thank you for sharing this! I came across Steve a couple years ago but only read of a couple people trying it and wasn't sure if it was safe. Do you think the T4 really is an antidote? I still get panic attacks when my pulse and temp go up. But feel fine if it's 98.6 and less than 100 pulse. Higher feels like adrenaline.
  9. How much are you trying to reset? Steve has told me that trying to jump to fast too far doesn't work well. He suggested several resets for me. I'm kind of moving more in the 97's and low 98's. That's up from the 96s.
  10. so today, I did a reset inspired by you. Steve told me that I can do it frequently. The key is to not fight things when you're done, and let your body come to whatever temp it wants.

    I used lights and then bundled up, went over 98.1F., and then later, took the bundles off (OMG I was so sweaty) and stayed under lights. 98.3 or so all day. Still now. At least 5 or 6 hours.

    I got a down comforter recently and have made sure to be really warm at night, on Steve's suggestion. I'll see how we do tomorrow when I wake up. Hoping to be in the 97s when I wake up, up to 98.3 or so in the day.
  11. Very interesting.

    It could also be that ambient (outside temperature) which is the same as piling a load of clothes on, isn't the same as internally generated temperature. Put it this way, if you go to say Vegas in the middle of the summer and your body temp is 36.2 and you're sweating (in shorts and t-shirt), is it really smart to dress up in jeans and a sweatshirt, gloves, and throw on a beanie when it's over 100 degrees there, just to get up to 37 degrees?

    I actually did an experiment very similar to yours just over a year ago, but I had far better success stabilizing my temperature around 37-37.2 sitting outside in shorts and t-shirt in the middle of winter (it was below freezing outside). My temperature stayed elevated well over an hour even after I came inside. Eating after this kept it elevated for several hours after this so I know it wasn't coritsol caused.

    The temperature you will probably feel better at is the one your body can internally generate on it's own means, either by general cell processes, eating, or cold temperatures. Yes cold temperatures make people feel better once they come out of the cold. It's like it's tricking your body into thinking it must generate more heat in case your stupid enough to go back outside in the cold weather again haha!

    If you want a quick easy way to increase your temp, eating something salty and calorie dense, and by salty I mean put a hell of a lot of salt on it; that will shoot your temperature up.
  12. If getting temp up to normal was as easy as just eating something calorie dense then why are so many still struggling to push temps up?!
  13. later on, temps around or below 96F and I feel awful. Is there a rebound effect?
  14. DAY 3 (yesterday)

    -Woke up at 36.1° again, need to work at staying warmer overnight
    -Cheese and OJ breakfast, sugared coffee
    -Ready the clothes and hop into shower, get up to 37.0 (98.6) °c/F
    -The house is nowhere near as warm this morning
    -While I'm drying out and exposed to the cold air my body is scrambling to stay at 37.0 (98.6) °c/F and my pulse increases rapidly, dumping adrenaline to keep me warm


    -The adrenaline is still going and pulse is high with temps stable at 37.0 (98.6) °c/F
    -I feel rather uncomfortable and practically sit on top of a radiator to warm myself up externally
    -After about half an hour of doing this my pulse slows and my chest clears of the adrenaline somewhat

    -feel a little bit calmer but I come to some realizations:
    -My body easily accepts the 37.0 (98.6) °c/F set point in the morning but the adrenals have to step in way too much if the house is even a little bit colder
    -Ideally, the thyroid would generate the required heat
    -Not sure what the thyroid status is right now, not taking thyroid supplements at the moment but will wait up to 2 weeks to see if it "wakes up" and then do some lab tests
    -I don't feel hypothyroid when my temperature is high but did feel so when it suddenly dropped yesterday
    -Overall up until now my thyroid had no reason to function properly, but now that my brain is trying to work at the proper temperature we will see if the thyroid 'wakes up' with it

    -leaving home for driving practice (I'm taking a license test)
    -I dress normally - jeans, light long-sleeved shirt, and light jacket
    -Taking thermometer with me
    -15 minutes after leaving house outside @ 12 (53.6)°c/F, taking temperatures, it's 37.0 (98.6)°c/F!
    -Run from station to driving test center for 15 minutes to make it on time
    -Drive around with instructor for 45 minutes, I do really well and my mind works sharper than normal, not much anxiety from being around a large group of people either
    -Take temperature afterwards, it's 37.1 (98.78) ° c/F!
    -It stuck even with normal clothing and being outside! That was the real test, amazing.
    -The question is how does my body keep up the temperature in the afternoon without adrenal intervention (I had a normal pulse) even with light clothing, and why it couldn't do that in the morning... hmm

    -Got home, dressed warm again immediately, just to be on the safe side and really cement it in

    -yesterday my temperature dropped around 5PM and would no longer stay up
    -now at 6 PM it's still 37.0 (98.6)°c/F dead on
    -every day it should hopefully stay up longer until it can stay up all day

    -temps finally dropped to 36.7°c, soon to be almost all day

    Changes noticed so far:
    -skin is softer everywhere
    -mouth is not as dry and has a kind of gloss appearance to it
    -my hands, which would crack, bleed and dehydrate every autumn till late spring since I was 11 years old, are almost as soft and healthy as in summer, this is the biggest change, my hands were awful as a rule, and no cream could help them
    -notice I'm a bit more argumentative, 'bossy' and have less patience for trivial matters
    -less anxiety around people, no longer feel 'below' everyone by default but at least on-par if not above

    I have the most difficulty in the mornings. Here, my temps will still not come up on their own, and I need both the warm shower and hot coffee to push them up, and I need to dress very warm to keep them that way.

    Then, as the day goes by, I have an easier and easier time maintaining my temps. In the afternoon I start to heat up a lot and have to shed most of my heavier clothing and can stay at 37.0 almost effortlessly.
  15. Like Steve says every day the temps should stay up longer and longer, but during the initial week or so when the crash happens, you're going to be exhausted.l
    When mine dropped 2 days ago, I wanted to go to sleep immediately, started yawning like crazy, and felt very 'hypothyroid', like I needed hormones right now, whereas when I had a high temp I didn't feel that at all.

    Yesterday my temp stayed up longer and I didn't crash anywhere near as hard, if at all. It's very important to keep pushing the body to stay at 98.6 as long as possible in the beginning so that it really accepts that setting.
  16. Thanks @MyUsernameHere

    Woke up at 97.2F. Which is higher than usual. Will continue this path today. 98.3 or so is fine. If I can get there consistently I can then do another reset to 98.6.

    By the way, my hands crack a lot in the winter also. Hoping that gets fixed this time. It's already better also not quite 100% better but better than it was last winter.
  17. I had this too before peating. Salt worked for me and now no crack the last 2 Winters.
  18. That's interesting. How much salt?
  19. I dont know realy. I started to Salt every warm meal i had. I tried to Salt to taste on the upper limit. Risking that sometimes i got too much. Then i had too drink something with it.
  20. No diet, supplement, mineral, skin cream, or hormone helped my low temperatures or my cracking hands. This looks like it's going to be the first autumn-spring in 13 years that I will have normal-looking hands. I almost can't believe it but it's right there in front of me. I was always embarassed of my hands in the cold season, they looked like the hands of a decaying zombie... Now they are about 95% summer quality.

    A quote from Steve's website:
    Number 4 is me. My 'famine' was almost 2 years of various alternate day and intermittent fasts, calorie restriction, eating 500 calories on a whole day, and other bull****. There isn't really all that much broken, my brain just adapted to the conditions it was exposed to. I wouldn't be surprised if my 'primary hypothyroidism' turns out to be nothing but an adaptation to what I went through, and that my thyroid is actually perfectly fine.
  21. Congrats of teaching your body how to have a normal temp!! I did it with thyroid, hit normal temps and beyond.... except my body wasn't used to it... and I went through the extreme adrenaline rushes. Maybe that is all they are, just trying to keep the body at a stable temp.
  22. Still some ways to go. Today I went out again and maintained my temps outside in the rain and cold weather, so that is good.

    Now I still need to work on my night-time temperatures, and I want to get to the point where my temperature comes up on its own in the morning. I have some trouble getting my temperture up adequately in the first 2-3 hours after I wake up. Need a good amount of coffee, steaming shower and lots of clothing. Right now I am only wearing an extra pair of shorts, long socks and a two shirts and can maintain my 98.6°. But in the morning I have to dress like an eskimo to keep it. So hopefully I have some success fixing that as well.
  23. @MyUsernameHere

    Thanks for your detailed log. I'm curious to try this experiment myself starting this weekend... I'd only use the shower, clothing, and coffee though since I don't take thyroid at all.

    I'm certainly doing better than I was months ago. When I first started paying attention to temps I was waking up in the 95s. That's steadily gone up to the 96s in the mornings, and now I wake up around 97.7-97.9. By mid afternoon (1-3 PM) I'm either 98.7 or 99 which is when I feel really awesome, but I do notice it still takes sometime to warm up like you were talking about.

    My question though is this: isn't there a natural fluctuation of body temperature?? Like shouldn't it be lower upon rising and then top out in the mid afternoon and decline a bit as evening approaches? I want to make sure I'm setting realistic expectations for my body in a natural rhythm. Maybe it's just that it shouldn't dip below 98.6?

    Look forward to what you achieve in the next couple of days and trying it myself!
  24. Daytime temps should be set at 98.6. I don't feel well until my thyroid is taking over the temperature instead of adrenaline usually that means eating more in the earlier part of the day. A lot of people use coffee, but I have trouble with coffee and panic attacks.
  25. So even first thing in the morning (I often rise between 6 and 7:30) temps should be 98.6?
  26. No, it will rise steadily after waking up.
  27. Steve recommends having 98.6 throughout the day and 97.34 in the evening (or when asleep). The transition between those two usually is not abrupt but gradual.
    However, my body seems to have a tendency toward 98° setpoint for an evening temperature, i.e. it doesn't drop enough. Not sure why.
    In the morning I wake up with a temperature that is slightly low - 96.98. It then takes me approximately 3 - 4 hours to get up to 98.6. I can get there sooner but I have to use so much clothing.
    I don't know how quickly you should hit 98.6 though. Maybe a few hours is OK. I got the idea that it should be up there within an hour of waking up, but maybe not. In the afternoon I can maintain 98.6 with normal clothing, but I am still overdressing until I am sure the setpoint is set in stone.
  28. I used Buteyko exercises very very strong and vigorously over a year or two, and I believe that although it was a net HUGE benefit, it did lower my temps a LOT.

    I didn't know anything about thyroid then and neither did my teachers and coaches.
  29. Mine was 98.6 but fell. Not sure why. I had a bunch of coffee -- could it be the caffeine? Anyhow, I gave up for the day as Steve had said not to fight it in these cases. Around 97F. now. Quite the crash.
  30. Mine was at 98.6 from 12 - 19 hrs today, unfortunately I didn't dress forcibly warm so it took a nose-dive. I could tell by the immediate brain-fog and when I measured I was at 97.88. I guess it will take months as Steve says, until my brain actually prefers this mode but I will continue pushing it every day as much as I can. What sucks is that I have to start work next week so it's going to be tough to get warm in the mornings since I won't be able to dress like an Eskimo.

    The benefits are well worth it because leaving the house at 98.6 I just feel so much more open, outgoing, friendly and can really enjoy my interactions with people. I'm also smarter, wittier and more confident. I will do whatever it takes to be like this all the time.

    It beats out even the effects of thyroid hormones by and large.
  31. I had some similar experience. My highest CP was when i had Low temps. I got a cold even though according to buteyko i shouldnt get one. That brought me to peat and now even with a lower CP i did not get a cold for 2 years now. Thats one reason i think if one practise the buteyko methods one shiuld pay attention to ones temperature to be safe that one is improving health.
  32. Thanks you very much for these reports. Congratulations on progress.

    If you took T4 a couple of days previously, you will probably have that in your system for a few more days. If you are converting it effectively to T3, then you may still be getting effects from that supplementation?

    Woolley underwear and socks :)
  33. You could get some far infrared clothing to wear under your regular clothes when you have to work. I bought far infrared socks a couple years ago when I had to work in an unheated office and they worked pretty good.
  34. Today I woke at 97.1, got up to 98.6, then temps crashed later. I tried coffee but it may have made it worse. I was at 96ish for awhile, and feeling tired, but not as bad as yeseterday. I will try again tomorrow. Maybe I'll work on increasing temperatures for 3 hours tomorrow, then let things just go. Maybe lengthen that time over a period of days.
  35. When you can feel that you're at 98.6°F but the thermometer reads 98°...


    (then you remember you drank 2 cups of cold milk, retest 15 minutes later and it reads 98.6°)
  36. Woke at 97.1. Showered to 98.6. Drank hot coffee and ended up bundled up. Off and on at 98.6 or 98.1 for 6 hours. Then ended it. Under lights at 98.1 for 2 hours. Then bundled up and crashed to 96.8 or so.

    Came up to 97.9 then 98.1 in a few minutes though...interesting...I think I am resetting to around 98. Steve said I should reset to 98.6 of course, but that may be possible in steps.

    The big deal was I sneezed on waking up and had a raw throat. Endotoxins signs. And had a lot of blood in my stool. Fresh blood. Weird. Haven't had that experience in a long time. I had aspirin a few days ago, but nothing that would account for it and I do take some K2.

    Any ideas? Weird...maybe it's the stress from doing this stuff that is causing a bit of a leaky bowel.
  37. Odd that you mention that - my throat has been messed up since my initial reset! It hurts when I swallow right now, like a bad throat infection, but I have no other signs of a cold. Weirrrrddd. Hope this goes away soon.

    My first guess would be some kind of bacterial die-off from the high temperature. All the species that can't take a degree higher are being killed off now and you have some of the side-effects of that until your body purges all that out? Maybe?

    I'm also not sure how this multi-stage reset that Steve proposed to you is supposed to work. I think my brain would outsmart me if I tried that, so I just went for knocking it out of the park right from the first try.
    I simply do everything in my power to stay at 98.6 as soon as I wake up, no matter what. Slowly it seems to be getting easier. Today I managed to do that until 9 PM, and then my temperature started coasting down. Now at 12 AM it's 97.34°F and I'm ready for sleep. If only every day was this perfect.

    Oddly that I feel absolutely no need for thyroid hormones. I remember last year around this time, I really felt like I was dying. Like a zombie. I wonder what's compensating for that. Either my thyroid has increased it's output or those symptoms were actually from lack of adequate temperature.
  38. Why can't people believe good advice without huge-ass logs hmmm
  39. yes the die-off is a good possiblity.

    I do want to reset to 98.6. But it isn't always possible to get up to that temperature. Steve had told me a few steps are okay. But he said recently that I should get 98.6 however I can. Im going to be patient and chip away at this.

    I feel a lot better this time today than I have last few days. In fact I don't feel tired and I haven't had to nap like I did the last few days in the evening.

    Taking my temps now...97.9F . Not bad for the evening. At least at this point.
  40. So you fixed the dry zombie looking hands by just resetting your temp and keeping it high?
  41. That's right. I still have just the tiniest amount of dryness right on top of the knuckles but it's a 95% improvement over how it would normally be.
  42. You're gonna have to be a bit more elaborate with that sentence, I can't quite tell who or what you're referring to :p
  43. Exciting stuff this morning wake up temp was 97.5. Highest it's ever been. Woot! Shower entry was already at 98.2. Much easier to get to 98.6. And stayed near there after hastily donning lots of clothing. Great sign.
  44. I found unless I stay very well dressed in the afternoon, I usually crash to some weird midway setpoint of 36.7° and get some nasty brain-fog. This most often happens between 5 and 7 PM. If I stay dressed in winter clothing during this time I usually make it to 9 PM and then gradually transition to sleeping temperatures.

    I might also consider sleeping clothed, because I throw all the covers off an hour after I fall asleep, then when the room goes cold overnight, I probably dump all my adrenaline to stay warm...
  45. staying in front of red lights with some really strong and close exposure can keep me at 98.6 or a little higher even...better than winter clothes. But I'm alternating...I did winter clothing from the morning through to the mid-afternoon, about 6 hours.

    I had a crash when I went shopping though.

    Then went into the hot car, cranked the heat ALL the way up, and with the sun into the car, and no windows open, and winter clothing, got to 98.6 ish by the time I got home. It was very challenging because then my temps crashed again but then came back. They are 98.6 now still with the lights.

    Throat still a little sore, but better. No bowel movements so I can't see if that is good or bad today.

    I'm eating less, not as hungry. I think I'm losing weight this way, losing fat rather.

    Mental clarity is good! Much easier today than yesterday and much easier than the day before. I'm not tired at all now, and for awhile there I was feeling really sleepy and napping in the early evening.

    I am getting a radiant heater to use also, for the short term. Steve says that it takes about 2 weeks, and each day you stay warmer longer. And after 2 weeks you stay warm on your own without all the accoutrements. I just want to be warm, warm, warm all the time.

    He recommends only drinking warmed up liquids in the meantime. Not even room temps, but warmed up. I am not sure I want to warm up a Coke though I might do it anyway.
  46. Nice! I have a really big surge in mental clarity from 11 AM - 12 PM. Now I just need to work on avoiding the afternoon crashes.
    I also noticed being less hungry, and lost some weight particularly around my midsection.

    Also, a bit more about my hands (I just can't stop being amazed).

    For the past 13 years they used to look exactly like this (just add in even deeper 'canals', redness, and bleeding) every November - May:



  47. So I’ve been working on this since Monday. I’m learning a lot. Wednesday and Thursday quite a lot of fresh blood in my stool. It obviously is coming from the anus and is nothing indicative of anything serious inside. I used to bleed there in the past when I was highly inflammatory back in the old days.

    Also I’ve had a scratchy throat and been a little sneezy. I used to sneeze a lot, but more recently with improvements in my gut, not much. Are these typical of “strange” symptoms that pass as one does the reset? Anyone know?

    I know from my teaching of the Buteyko method such types of reactions are common enough, Herxeimer’s or cleansing reactions or whatever you want to call it.

    Just wanted to ask your opinion about this. Is this typical?

    I am re-reading Steve's material and his emails to me in the past.

    Today I woke up at 97.1 not 97.5. I read in Steve's book that this “compensatory reaction” is common. I also realized I should drink hot liquids, some salt and sugar etc., and then go into the shower after waiting a bit, while I was doing the reverse this week.

    Any suggestions appreciated.
  48. I have also symptoms of a cold / bacterial issues - coughing and a sore throat ever since starting the reset. I'm probably just gonna wait it out. Not sure what else to tell you. Maybe buff up on some Vitamin C?
  49. I'm falling back so much to the low 98s that I'm not fighting it. I'll keep warm and not worry about it for 3 days and then try another reset I think. I'm at 98.6 right now under lights etc., but it was SO difficult that I couldn't stay anywhere near 98.6 today.

    I suppose I didn't have enough good winter clothing etc. So I am getting my heater tomorrow and will be better prepared to do a 16 hour reset next week. Meanwhile I'll stay in the low 98s and my body will continue adjusting to higher temperatures anyway.
  50. Good luck.

    I am dealing with a different problem every day. I can stay at 98.6 from around 10 AM to 5 PM And then my set point just drops. Can't do much about it, no matter how I dress, I don't sweat, don't heat up, my temps just don't go up after that point any more. I might have to talk to Steve.
  51. can you get into a hot car or something like that?
  52. No but I can usually lean on a radiator or something really warm like that.

    BUT. Odd thing happened today. My temp dropped around 6 PM to 98.06 like usual. Normally I'd give up and remove my heavy clothing and dress normally for the rest of the day. Today I didn't. I put on a hat and scarf back on. Temps STILL stayed the same for one hour and wouldn't increase despite me dressing warmer.

    Then all of a sudden I started feeling a bit warmer, out of nowhere. Went to check, 98.42. Huh, I thought.
    Kept slowly feeling warmer and warmer, now one hour later, I shot up to 98.78°, same clothing.

    From now on I will definitely stay dressed no matter what so that my body doesn't use this temporary drop in temperature as a disarming tactic to get me to give up.
  53. YES, that exactly.

    much harder day today. But I spent the whole day either in front of lights or in winter clothing. Went out for dinner in winter clothing. And now my temps are 98.2 F at 11:20pm.

    During the day I really crashed in the afternoon and spent the day kind of sleepy. Bit I kept winter clothing on anyway.

    Despite the crashes, I got a lot of brainy work done in between naps. I think the key is to stay warm all the time and not get cold at ALL, at ALL. Stay very warm.

    Just right.

    And didn't have bloody stool today either.
  54. Woke at 97.9 today. First time that has ever happened. Or at least for many many years. Wow.

    I can see in a couple of weeks or so I'll be warmer all the time and in a few months I won't have to wear super warm clothing maybe. Wow!!

    Throat still a little raw. A little sneezy this morning.
  55. also, Steve says that your adrenaline and cortisol falls and you may feel low energy, I suppose as your thyroid has to up-regulate. Anyway, stress hormones fall. This has happened to me the last few nights. I wake up and feel a low blood sugarish feeling. Not terrible, not urgent, just a bit different than in the past.
  56. Today around 11 AM I felt amazing. So energetic, hyper, happy, I just couldn't stop moving. Rest of the day wasn't bad either.

    If this doesn't fix my hypothyroidism then nothing will, because it sure feels like it's working better with each passing day. I really wanna see that blood test now.
  57. Hamster, why don't you just use a little T3 ala Tyronene to get your temperature up? It's worked for me and my rat. I've only taken a little bit, maybe two times a day. Or are you trying to avoid the supplement route?
  58. T3 never worked for me.


    Tried it a number of times.
  59. Oh, if someone has been exercising, and their temperature falls after exercise, I have noticed if you drink orange juice right after your workout, it brings your temperature back up again.
  60. How long since you first did your first day of the reset?
  61. oh ok.
  62. just drank a Coke warmed in the microwave. Had OJ warmed in the microwave this morning. LOL. It works. Steve said to drink only warm liquids at this point.
  63. Exactly a week ago, I started on Saturday I believe.

    Also you are quite right about the staying warm thing. If I just make absolutely sure to not let my temperatures drop at all in the afternoon, then I can maintain a clear mind throughout all day, and I feel pretty good during the night even as my temperature starts to drop, as well as the next morning.

    Right now I feel like this guy (hands especially, just radiating):

    I usually keep all the heavy clothing on until 9 PM, then I take a shower and change into whatever I'm about to sleep in, letting my temperature slowly drift down to sleeping temps. Seems to work well.
  64. A down comforter has made a huge difference for my sleeping temps. And therefore waking my temps. I think being really warm at night is crucial.
  65. Wow. Fantastic. A sure sign of low adrenaline
  66. I bet so too, particularly for hormone production. I'm gonna try sleeping in extra clothes because I just toss most of the covers off when I fall asleep.
    That way I can ensure the thyroid has enough temperature to do its thing overnight.

    I do really feel like it's working better and better every day though. Either that, or something is compensating for it (which I doubt because there is no such thing that can replace the thyroid so well).
    I mean a week without pills, I'd normally be so hypothyroid by now that I'd just spend most of the day sitting in the corner of the room super depressed with no energy whatsoever.

    Really curious what happens long term.
  67. Steve is that it takes a few months to really stabilize I believe. Then you can actually go out in the cold temperature just bounces right back up as soon as you get inside.

    Thyroid never raised my temperatures at all. Steve actually has encouraged me before he knew that, to try thyroid in case I was low.

    He seems to feel that that's one of the issues with resetting. But you seem to be doing fine.
  68. Interestingly enough I can actually do that already. At least between 11 - 4 PM when I normally am outside occasionally. It immediately gets back to 98.6°F as son as I get back into the car or wherever.
    What I can't yet do is get my temps up immediately in the morning and keep them up throughout the day without extra clothing.

    It did for me, but never as much as this protocol.

    Yeah that's my idea.. I dropped all the thyroid pills, and in the process of doing this reset I will hopefully figure out if my thyroid really CAN'T work, or if my brain is just downregulating it. I think thus far it's the latter.

    It's so crazy to think that you could fix the thyroid by fixing your temperatures, instead of vice versa...
  69. If this works the way I think it is, it means that most people don't need thyroid supplements at all.

    I suspect that this might actually attack the underlying cause of low metabolism better than just taking thyroid.

    I think you will do a lot better when you are really really really warm at night, because even though you may sweat a lot, in the morning you're warm.

    I think it's key to the whole thing. Otherwise you are generating stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline at night, and I think that those wide swings between day and night make it really hard to reset.
  70. I wonder why I still have panic attacks when my temp is normal 98.6?? I wish this thyroid stuff was the end all be all! I have never had so many problems since getting my temp up. 2.5 yrs of anxiety, adrenaline rushes... Temp only dipped when I was drinking milk all day. Maybe I need way more healing foods and my temp is a lie????
  71. At the moment it's 9:30PM and I'm at 98.6 in winter clothing. I had gone out today to walk but it was too cold and my temps plunged. So I went indoors and things pretty soon picked up to temperature around 98.2-98.4ish and slowly came up to 98.6 where they've been for hours.
  72. why would the temp be a lie?

    Not sure I understand that. Is your thermometer accurate?
  73. I mean that its falsely elevated maybe? Adrenaline increases both temp and pulse. I think I just have some kind of serotonin or histamine problem. And my thyroid seems okay.
  74. Have you tried bag breathing? And also large doses of thiamine? This can raise CO2 levels. Pure magic.
  75. Ugh, that's it. No more pyjamas for me.

    I woke up at 96.44°, with a headache. I feel like ASS today. My thyroid didn't even make enough hormones overnight. I feel lethargic, shaky and my mood is crap.
    Because we use firewood for heating, the temperatures drop off sharply overnight when everyone goes to bed. And then the room turns into a freezer. I even slept with socks on and two blankets and it didn't help.

    I'm probably just going to sleep in the same kind of stuff I wear during the day. Yesterday when I woke up at 97.16° I felt a lot better and far more energetic than today.
    Seems like the evening temperatures are even more important than the daytime ones because during the night you make all the hormones that keep you running throughout the day.
    I really need to do something about this.
  76. Yes, rereading Richfield, he says that sleeping cold depletes our adrenaline.

    I'm not sure if that is really true, but I do think sleeping cold sets us up for a cool day.

    Overnight, sleeping I was warm except for my face. In the down comforter.

    Woke a few hours early, was 97.8. Then went back to sleep to normal wake up time, and this time woke at 98f!

    Today after sex, was 99.2. Amazing. (Temperature was amazing I mean, LOL)

    Kind of a low CO2 feeling, Easy to cough, throat is little raw.

    I posted a question on high TSH to see if this could be a temporary phenomenon related to the pituitary demanding more thyroid.
  77. I might as well say this too. Erections are very good. Brain is very clear. Higher temps even forced with warm clothes and hot showers seems good.
  78. Kept warm clothing on all day. Good energy levels all day. Went for a walk outside and it was coolish but I maintained high 97s or 98.1 or 98.2.

    Temps on the evening were 98.1 or so. Morning woke at 4am at 97.5 and then again at 645 at 97.7. At 730 it's 97.8. Interesting. I feel great but also lethargic like I have low get-up-and-go. Low adrenaline.

    Throat is a little raw with a slight rattle. Low control pause. Better when I really slow my breathing and build air hunger.
  79. I might diverge with Steve's logic here. He says, if your temps are falling, at some point, stop trying, give up and wait and then try again. Maybe I misunderstand. But I think this is a matter of plugging the leaks. The leaks could be a body part that is getting cold (like feet, or hands, or head, or butt, or face) or a time when you are letting your body temp fall (like at night)

    If you just keep winter clothing on, I think then you won't get as cold. And your body will start with that warmer base and build onto it. Steve says you're either fighting or you completely give in, or else you risk training your central system that fighting works. But I am not sure about this. It doesn't make sense to me.

    I think I'm having an easier time of it by plugging the leaks. We shall see what happens of course.

    I have observed my gut motility is higher and I haven't felt like napping. Mentally I've been clearer and clearer. My only real complaint is the raw throat and the rattly feeling when I breathe especially at night.
  80. Managed to sleep clothed at at least 96.8 last night. Woke up at 5:40 for my new job pretty well rested and feeling "on the right foot". I could immediately tell it was going to be a good day. Blasted myself to 98.6 with coffee and shower and took off.

    Sooo talkative. NO anxiety. Different person. Had to meet at least 15 new people today. Felt like a boss and left a really good impression on everyone.
    Then afterwards 90 minutes of driving practice. Again, great conversation with my driving instructor and we went over so much stuff because I could talk effortlessly and people pick up on it and they're automatically far more open.

    I can finally behave the way I wanted to for years and how I used to. Phenibut and T3 can kiss my ass, this is the real deal.

    Also, after 5 years, the f****** lunulae on my fingernails are coming back out of nowhere... I'm gonna take pics of this.
  81. Myusernamehere can you tell me please what thermometer are you using and where are you taking the measurement (oral, underarm etc)?

    Thanks Ben
  82. fascinating to hear about these changes, utterly incredible.

    I'm sitting under lights now to get back up to 98.6. Just curious, what was your waking temp?

    Are you observing a pattern of temp decline through the day, where the curve is leveling off?
  83. So I never realized how good I have it that my temps are spot on! I rarely have brain fog, my hands don't ever get dry, I still get some dry heels in winter though. And even when I'm restricting calories because of anxiety/adrenaline I still wake up with a temp of 97.8. One thing I always do is wear plenty of clothes, and blankets. And try to keep my body warm with food. Do you all drink milk? That was something that was very cooling to my body. And might be best for hypothyroid people to warm it up and sip slowly. And maybe have with some kind of starch. I like this reset thing because I'm not a big fan of relying on thyroid hormone. Sure you might do it right amd replace your own hormones but I think the body is perfeftly capable of sending out the right levels of hormones. I hate the 'we are broken' type attitude in these health groups. Give the body the tools to heal itself. I think Steve is absolutely right that surgery can tell the nervous system it was in danger and to not do that again type thing. I know someone who had knee surgery and said ever since he started having adrenaline rushes at 7pm. There is something up with the communication. Body will do whatever it can to survive. But communication signals can get confused I think. They say adrenal fatigue is just a signal problem, adrenals don't 'wear out', and I imagine a similar thing with thyroid is that the signals to make more hormone are not getting received properly. After a period of stress this tends to happen.
  84. all liquids seem to lower temps. Warming them up helps but as soon as they cool down I think they are a burden to the temperature and heating system in the body. I do drink milk, but notice it with all fluids that I drink. I suppose I should minimize fluids, but then, I wouldn't be consuming anything.

    Good to hear of your success here. I agree with you that if this is what it seems to be, it may be the solution MOST people are looking for here.

    Did you have a throat rawness or sneeziness or anything like that when you were resetting?

    I'm thinking it's due to lower cortisol now, that's my latest theory, and low adrenaline, which creates a temporarily over-active immune response due to less immuno-suppression.
  85. Omron Eco-Temp (MC-203-E) - White Medical. Oral.

    Something like this usually happens when I don't quite succeed at holding 98.6° all day:


    If I were to make a graph of how easily I can hold my temperatures at 98.6° at different times of day, it would look like this: (10 = I need LOTS of heavy clothing, 1 = I can wear damn near anything)


    I'd also like to point out the drastic contrast in how I felt between yesterday and today due to my night-time and waking temperatures:

    Yesterday 96.44° = brain fog, anxious, lethargic, 'hypothyroid' (VERY interesting huh?)
    Today 96.8° = sharp since the morning, outspoken, confident, no signs of hypothyroidism, "let's get em"

    If I could sleep and wake up at 97.34° every day I'd probably be cured of everything lol.

    Night-time temps are in my experience 3-4x as important as day-time ones, all your hormones are made here, your thyroid hormones are made overnight, your adrenaline (even though people here think it's bad your nervous system will be depleted of adrenaline, if you want to know how being DERPressed (stupid and unmotivated) feels like, just try taking lots of clonidine = same effect)), and everything else that you need to have a good day.
  86. that makes so much sense. Circadian rhythms raise our temps by mid afternoon, which is precisely where you find it easy to maintain...and lower temps waking and to some extent at night.

    I got an extra 500 watt pool light, so I have two pool lights, and two LED light fixtures, and I'm toasting warm at or above 98.6, as long as I want, without bundling up, so long as I don't move away from the lights. LOL.
  87. I'm wiring my first paycheck to Richfield. Well, everything that's left after I pay for the OJ and bills, anyway.
  88. are you heating your OJ? I am doing that. And heating my milk and Coke. I don't really like doing it, but it does seem to help.
  89. No, I keep it at room temp. I found that as long as my set point is on point (lol) I can bounce back from any cold liquid within 10 minutes (and that's just the time it takes for my mouth to warm up, my core temp probably doesn't even drop).

    When my set point isn't right like if I screw up my night time temps or don't manage to keep it up adequately then even sitting in lava barely helps and I usually have to give up for the day. Consistency is key and making sure to stay warm at night sets you up for a successful day.
  90. Ahh. Good. I look forward to room temp OJ. Maybe in a few days.

    The lights are pretty effective. There are colder spots on my body but they raise the core up pretty well and my clothes don't get soaked in sweat. I'm back in my sweaty winter clothes cuz I had to move around.
  91. I want to address Janelle's post for a second.

    I found this too, more so than OJ. Milk takes like 15-20 minutes to recover mouth temps and it probably drops the core temperature somewhat as well.

    YES! It's not a matter of "I can't", but "I don't want to".

    I intuitively knew this for 4 years but couldn't figure out what to do about it until I found this. Taking thyroid hormones never felt 'right' to me and while they did make me feel better it didn't feel like the right kind of better, like the one where my body was running things on it's own again. Nothing beats that feeling, and no pill can substitute for it.

    More truth. Surgery, famine, fasting, dieting and many other stresses can do this.
    If my body was broken and couldn't make enough thyroid hormones, then when I took the pill it would say "Oh yay, finally enough hormones, let's keep it this way" instead of "Oh no, he's trying to add more hormones, quickly lower our own thyroid so we keep this super low amount that is killing us". I mean, it's pretty clear where the problem is.
  92. This thread has some really helpful information for me even as a person who isn't doing an official reset. It's been timely since it starting to become winter here. I've been staying warmer than I can ever remember!
    Thanks @MyUsernameHere and @ecstatichamster.
  93. I think what's made it easier for me is the lights, very strong and light so even before I officially reset, I was getting up to around 98.1 during the day. Now I'm just not stopping there but waiting to get to 98.6, and working on all the other hours of the day, and this seems to be working so far.
  94. I think this thread is a huge breakthrough so I have stickied and promoted it to the front page of the portal. Maybe I will even run an announcement on it because this information is priceless.

    This is yuuuuuuuge!!! I will be starting my reset in the near future.

    Thank you @MyUsernameHere & @ecstatichamster for sharing this experiment with us. I have a feeling a lot of people are gonna be super grateful for this. :hattip
  95. @MyUsernameHere got me more serious about starting mine again. I really thing this is bigly. Its the direct route to higher temps and higher metabolism.

    Steve Richfield thinks a low carb diet is best but that isn't so far my experience. Have to continually chip away at this thing...
  96. Man I agree this is bigly! Definitely feeling motivated about this and will be sourcing some pool lights soon and will get my reset underway.
  97. Steve says you need to have something like this, he recommends a car left in the sun, and you get inside and do your reset. That can work, but if you are in winter, or don't hvae a car, or whatever, I think the lights can work too. Maybe just as well. I do have some spots that I can't get warm but in general my system rsponds to them and when I leave the lights I just put on heavy winter clothing.

    The problem with just the clothing is that you sweat a lot in them and it's kind of gross and kinds of cools you down also, but it is important to have warm winter clothing around at all times.

    I also learned:

    1. sleep REALLY REALLY REALLY sweaty-warm

    2. wake up, and drink very hot espresso (I think that's helpful cuz it doesn't have a lot of liquid and warms you up through the intense caffeine) and eat something. For me, I get in front of the lights.

    3. put out clothes so they are in order of putting them BACK on after the shower. Hat first, then shirt, then jacket, then second jacket, then underpants, then trousers, then socks

    4. take a hot shower WITH the thermometer in mouth, to get to 98.6 or 98.8

    5. get out, towel off quickly, and put on the clothes in order. That way you don't cool down so much.

    Then you try to stay at 98.6 all day long. Each day Steve says you can maintain another hour without too much effort. I'm not sure I'm seeing that yet but it's early days.
  98. 10 PM, ding ding, still 98.6°F.

    Whoah. It's going big :) Thanks Charlie, I wish I had done this sooner. I knew about it in 2013 but just kept mucking around with things that didn't get me anywhere in the end :(


    I think he's a bit off-base here. Combining this approach with a slightly low-fatish but high carb Peatarian diet works really well IMO.
    I can also handle carbs much better early in the morning now, used to get really uncomfortable 'adrenaline' in my chest when I ate carbs very before 12 PM or so.

    You're welcome! I figured this would be received as niche here but it seems it's picking up. Would really love to see how people get by using this approach. I feel like it can take me all the way, in due time.
  99. WOOOT!!! That's FANTASTIC.

    What made the difference today? I mean, I read your posts, but something made a difference...is it just more time resetting, or something else?
  100. Well I've been working on my metabolism for quite some time and I've made a lot of progress but just from reading this thread and making some small changes like wearing warmer clothes, sleeping warmer (including a wearing a hat to bed), taking hot showers and using my 500 watt halogen lamp more often I'm pretty warm all the time. Last night I overshot on my temp and was 99.3 and sweating at bedtime. Oh well, it sure beats freezing which I would normally be doing this time of year.