Temperature Good, Pulse Low


Oct 14, 2013
I've been incorporating some peat stuff in my diet (lots more OJ, fruit, honey, PUFA restriction, milk, etc.) and my temps have improved a ton. My pulse has come up slightly it was averaging aroudn 56, and now is up around 60.

It's been a couple months, and I haven't seen much progress on pulse recently.

Should I consider thyroid?

Temps probably average 98.6 now, i take before meal and 1 hour after. Can go as high as 99 in the afternoon.


Feb 20, 2013
There are old threads on low pulse. I remember RP mentioning that increasing temperature
is easier and quick and increasing pulse takes some time. Even with good thyroid level
hormone may not be able to work properly on cells due to presence of PUFA. It takes about
4 years to completely replace PUFA but things should continuously get better with
decreased PUFA storage. He also mentioned in Josh Rubin's "Thyroid" interview that
low pulse rate is sign of low testosterone and high estrogen. Though thyroid
indirectly opposes estrogen by increasing progesterone, one needs vitamin A
to make progesterone from cholesterol. You need to have good level of cholesterol for that.
A healthy liver detoxify all the estrogen that goes through it. For healthy liver you need
thyroid support, 80 grams protein, good blood sugar level and
glycogen storage, B vitamins etc .
Carrot salad helps a lot with keeping estrogen level in check.
Starch and soluble fiber feed bad bacteria, which increases endotoxin.
This causes excess burden on liver.


May 16, 2013
I am much the same. I had some pulse increases initially in the first few months of adding thyroid (adrenaline?) where I got into the 70s on a regular basis, but now I am back to a resting pulse of about 56-64. My pulse has always been on the low side. I always thought it was because I am quite mellow and relaxed, and it dropped to about 52 when I used to exercise a lot. I have been on thyroid for six months or so now I think.

My temps are much better though, and I am feeling extraordinary if I compare to a year or two ago.

So the pulse doesn't worry me too much.
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