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Taurine Enhances Bioavailability Of Vitamins K, A, D, E

  1. The fat soluble vitamins are a great tool to help metabolism and improve overall health. However their oral usage is sometimes hindered by their requirements for ingestion of fat. In the case of vitamin K2 (MK-4) the fat requirement can be large (35g+) and thus inconvenient to implement while on the go or when restricting fat intake for various purposes.
    This study claims that taurine improves the oral bioavailability of all fat-soluble vitamins and especially vitamins A and K.


    "...In the literature taurine is characterized as a non-specific growth or blood clotting factor, an antioxidant, a membrane protector, or a regulator of calcium ion homeostasis, just as vitamins A, D, E, F, and K are similarly characterized. On the basis of recent finding concerning the relationship between taurine and the aldehyde of vitamin A-retinal (Petrosian and Haroutounian, 1988, 1998; Petrosian et al., 1996), as well as on the basis of data from the literature, we now suggest a hypothesis that taurine promotes the bioavailability of the lipid soluble vitamins A, D, E, K, and F, probably by forming different types of water soluble, easily hydrolyzable complexes. It is quite possible that the ability of taurine to convert lipids and lipid soluble substances into a water soluble state is the key to understanding the unusually wide diversity of biological phenomena associated with taurine."

    If somebody can get the article and PM it to me I can post more detailed info such as suggested dosages, etc.
  2. Perhaps it can allow the excretion of fats.
  3. it also can increase taurine glycine ratio in bile , which is good sometimes as in some disorders this ratio is so low.it also makes good quality bile which itself has stimulating effect on cell metabolism.
  4. Taurine facilitates manufacture of bile salts (taurocholates) that emulsify meal fat, which allows a better action of pancreatic lipase on the fat, so a better digestion.

    Taurine is also used to bring the magnesium in the cells and in neurons among others ... It serves as Mg carrier. B6 facilitates retention.
  5. Nice, if someone were to feel strong effects from supplementing taurine, do you think that says something about the person's digestion or assimilation of nutrients? It's intrigued me that I've seen some feel great after supplementing and others hardly noticing anything.
  6. No I'm saying it could allow you to excrete fat in the urine. Taurine in the kidney is tightly regulated.
  7. So, in theory that would help the excretion of PUFA and/or steroids like estrogen? We already know that taurine keeps PUFA oxidation under control, if it could also help excrete it by making it more water soluble that would be great.
  8. But how can that be measured?
  9. http://raypeat.com/articles/articles/ti ... ogen.shtml
    "...Estrogen is inactivated, mainly in the liver and brain, by being made water soluble by the attachment of glucuronic acid and/or sulfuric acid."

    Taurine is the main source for the production of sulphuric acid, so this supports the theory of taurine helping with estrogen removal. I guess if the main products are glucuronidated and sulfated etsrogens, one could just take a urine estrogen test (which measures both kinds) and compare the levels before and after taurine administration. I would combine this with a blood test for estrogens just to make sure that the increased urine excretion of estrogens is not due to taurine somehow increasing plasma estrogens. Any doctor can order both tests and I think some of the independent vendors like DirectLabs offer urine estrogen tests as well.
  10. I personally notice thick and foamy urine after taking taurine. Maybe it's that.
  11. So if one adopts a diet with very few PUFA and more Sat fat, can it also make the urine foamy since you will be slowly removing PUFA from your body ? Does this make sense ?
  12. While taurine may have specific effects, high ("excess") protein/amino acid intake can cause high amino acids in the urine, resulting in foamy urine.
  13. Yes, proteinuria is usually what's causing the foamy urine. However, as Ray mentioned, having high levels of stress hormones can also make the urine foamy. You can notice it during/after drinking alcohol as it depletes liver glycogen (which will result in higher adrenalin and cortisol) while at the same time inhibiting gluconeogenesis. One way to prevent this from happening is by taking niacinamide.
  14. Well I also get it from a teaspoon of glycine. Perhaps I am flushing money :ss
  15. How much taurine should one take with K2 (MK-4) to get the same level of its bioavailability as 35g of fat?

    Could taking K2 with taurine help with (prevent some of) the side-effects at high oral daily doses of 15mg+ (insomnia, etc.)? I was also wondering if taking the transdermal route (Kuinone) with high doses K2 could also prevent some of the side effects of high oral doses?
  16. Human studies with cystic fibrosis leading to deficiency of fat absorption showed that even 2g taurine restored normal fat absorption after 1 month. There is no data that I know of showing how much taurine you need to get the equivalent of X grams of fat for absorbing vitamin K. But taking the 1g-2g taurine daily should at least ensure that wharever fat you eat you absorb it and the fat soluble vitamins that depend on it.
  17. Taurine is degraded by heat, correct? Do you think it's possible to get enough from food alone, considering most of the food we eat is cooked or pasteurized?
  18. Scallops and cod have high content of taurine so that would one good food source. All amino acids are sensitive to heat, including the bad ones like tryptophan and cysteine. So the processed food has an unintended good side effects of being low on some of the bad amino acids due to processing. On the flip side, we don't know what those aminos got broken down into. Could be something even more toxic...
  19. So taking niacinamide before drinking would be wise? What about thiamine (as you have written in the past) plus niacinamide before drinking?
  20. Both are good. Alcohol depletes thiamine and this is what causes the infamous Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome. Niacinamide is precursor to NAD and the NAD is needed to metabolize alcohol by alcohol and aldehyde dehydrogenases. So, taking both and maybe a little B2 and B6 (hello Energin) would be even better. I think B6 directly deactivates acetaldehyde and is useful in many pathologies with a build up of aldehydes.
  21. Will the ethanol in energin destroy the thiamine ?
  22. No, why would it do that?
  23. A couple interesting excerpts/references from the study. Maybe haidut will have some more.

    Vitamin D

    Influence of dietary taurine on vitamin D absorption
    Vitamin E
  24. Wait...so this entire time we've been needing to consume 35g of fat with our K2 and A?!!! How much taurine should we take then cuz im on a low fat diet
  25. (I hope this isn't too too retarded a question): doesn't kombucha have glucuronic acid in it?
  26. Very interesting! Never knew this about taurine before. I was getting very dry hands, and particularly my knuckles, and seemed to get worse with Gonadin use. Prior to me knowing this about taurine..I upped my vitamin A intake, plus getting enough zinc with oysters but didn't really alleviate the dryness.

    Adding taurine seems to be working so far. Noticeably less dryness. I have to stay low on the taurine because it gives me insomnia at higher doses. So far, only 500 mg's per day seems to be doing the trick. I can't put my finger on it if the less dryness is due to anything else, so I'll go with adding in the taurine.
  27. @haidut
    Several members are on no fat/low fat, and I plan to lower fat even more, possibly no fat; what do you think is the absorption in no fat, of a 15mg MK4 pill? Currently I mix a tablespoon of coconut oil(14g fat) with MK4 and 1.5 grams of taurine for the two first meals(no other fat source, mostly minuscule amounts in protein), and I wonder how much of those 15mg I'm actually absorbing.
  28. Human studies showed that vitamin K absorbs even with very little fat but it is the most "fat-loving" of the vitamins so the more fat (up to 35g per meal) you eat the better it absorbs. I don't know how much less vitamin K you will absorb in the absence of fat, but judging from the few studies I have seen, I think only about 30% of the vitamin K gets absorb in a low fat environment.

    So, on a low fat diet I would try vitamin K topically to circumvent the fat requirements.
  29. I have supplemented Taurine 2g per day with my anti hair loss regime. I am convinced it is an asset vs TGF-B1. Now that I see all the other benefits listed in this thread I am even more convinced of its value. It's also good for eye strain. I have an eye muscle imbalance (congenital superior oblique paresis) and since Taurine supplementation my need for prism adjustment in my lenses from heavy computer use has dissipated.

    "Another study conducted in 2008 (Collin et al.) analyses taurine in relation to (TGF)-β — a protein that may cause hair loss. Taurine is involved in many physiological functions among which the immunomodulatory and antifibrotic functions. The researchers used taurine on in-vitro hair follicles. The observations concluded that taurine protects the hair follicle from the effects of (TGF)-β1 as well as promoting hair survival."

    Read more at Taurine for Hair Growth -- the Most Effective Amino Acid for Fighting Hair Loss?
  30. isn't b12 also a fat soluble vitamin
  31. all Bs are water soluble
  32. ok, but "Vitamin B12 is the only water-soluble vitamin that can be stored in the liver for many years."
  33. Taurine seems to always cause a massive bile release for me. Found an Ajipure 500mg variant that I'll try and hopefully it will do some good.
  34. Still having foamy urine, man?
    There is a thread about it by yerrag, if you wanna chime in
  35. Sorry, not yerrag, but Dave M
  36. I think it goes by stress levels and how much water you drink. If you don't drink any water it will be foamy even if you are not stressed.