Taking Thyroid on Holiday


Oct 14, 2012
Has anyone dealt with this?

It suddenly occured to me that packing a load of pills which have no prescription or proof of what they are (In many cases) may cause issues at customs at home and abroad.

Has anyone had experience of this?


Dec 31, 2012
This is a really late response...I went OS last year and needed to take thyroid meds (which were prescription). If I remember correctly, I spoke to someone at each embassy for that country and all of them said the same thing. The medication was allowed in that country, to only bring an amount equivalent to the duration of the trip, and bring the box the medication came in, and declare it. I think having the medication being labelled was important just to say it was mine. So I did all that and customs didn't really give a hoot in any country I was in and not even returning to Australia. I don't even remember being asked about it. But the potential is there for the stuff to be confiscated if not labeled or declared. Plus I wouldn't want to be hassled by customs - they have no sense of humor.


Jul 8, 2013
Bangkok Thailand
....and bring the box the medication came in, and declare it....

That would be the best for Europe we think, the box or bottle should show a wrapper!
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