Taking Fat Soluble Vitamins Supplements On The Same Days In The Week Or Separating Them Apart?

Taking fat soluble vitamins supplements on the same days in the week or separating them apart?

  • Try and take them on the same days

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  • Better to separate them apart like I have already done

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  • Other (comment below).

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Mar 2, 2018

I’ve added in Vitamin E and K supplements to my regime (Eat liver once a week/eat eggs and butter often and get as much sun as possible for A and D already).
  • AC Grace 400IU Mon/Thursday every week.
  • Thorne Vit K2 one drop every Tuesday/Saturday every week.
  • Beef Liver once a week on a Wednesday.
  • Sunlight when ever i can get it fully body coverage.

Is my regime okay where I’ve purposely scheduled to take them on different days from each other? Or Is it better to aim to consume the Vitamins together on the same day? (Like Taking the K2 and E together on the same days in the week or aiming to get them all the same time I eat liver for example).



Jul 13, 2017
Sun Coast, USA
Vitamin K and E required the same transport mechanism so take hours apart or different day, they lower each other’s level and same with D and A
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