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T3/T4 in India

  1. Hello,

    Does anybody know if there are any thyroid meds like cynoplus, cynomel or cytoplus in India? All that I find here is just the synthetic T4 (only) meds like Eltroxin, Thyronorm etc. My mother is hypothyroid and she is on synthetic T4. She also has elevated TSH levels and hence I was looking for T3/T4 combo if it can make things work for her. NDT also is unavailable here.
    Any info is highly appreciated :):
  2. I'm sure you can get one of the bigger pharmacies to import cytomel or something similar. Or buy it online.
  3. I have seen in several on line body building sites talking about T3 product from India.
    I just did a google search and found two company making T3.
    Thyroxyl T3 by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals.
    Thyro3 by Alpha Pharma
    I believe there are more. Most of these websites selling steroid use a lot of products
    from India and China.
    You can use chicken neck or fish head soup for natural thyroid hormones.
    I am regularly using chicken neck soup and my guess is that 2 necks are equivalent to
    1 grain of armour.
  4. Thanks Mittir.
    I am surprised it didn't throw up in my search results. Anyways,thanks for letting me know. I will get in touch with the manufacturers.

    Regarding the chicken neck, I am afraid because of the pathetic condition in which poultry is raised over here. They are mostly fed grains. Do you think thyroid from those unhealthy chicken is worth taking? Also, I believe RP says that we should avoid chicken unless metabolism is very high.

    Ditto for the fish. Most of the water bodies here are polluted beyond imagination and I miss out on a lot of seafood because of that. So the only option I have is to supplement.

    Coming to supplementing T3, combining it with T4 in what ratio will be effective? I am just trying to get as close as possible to Cynoplus since many people have reported positive results.

    Please advise and thanks once again for your reply :hattip :hattip
  5. I don't have Mittir's knowldge or experience, but I figure all the chicken where I am is largely grain-fed too. But when you make stock, it's easy to lift off and discard the fat from the top once it's cooled, and I think that's that's where most of the PUFA would be. I recently started 1 tbsp 2x day a couple of weeks ago. It seems good, but too short a time to be conclusive. If it still seems good in a couple of weeks, I'll probably increase it.
  6. Makes sense. Thanks Tara.