T3 always doesn't let you down! Especially in this combo!


Jul 5, 2019
So it's been a while since I took thyroid and these days all I was taking everyday was aspirin,d3+k2,tobacco with methylene blue and once in while 1mg of cypro and some pregnenolone. I have good temperatures and feel great but i observed that the last few days I had very low pulse in the evening,tonight I've also got into a fight which messed up my mood so I took 1mg of cypro and 50 mg of pregnenolone,i was feeling very sedated as usual and i came with the brilliant idea to take also some T3,so I took 4 mg and after 20 min my blood pressure lowered to 110/57( usually is 130/70) and i started too feel euphoric, i felt like on lsd i was feeling every sound around me and i was feeling the blood circulating into all my body.Amazing! I'm always amazed on how strong T3 is.


Mar 17, 2017
I had similar experience with cypro+niacinamide and cypro+B2
it seems like big drop in serotonin and boost metabolism at the same time gives ppl an euphoric feeing.
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