Symmetry Of Acne


Jun 12, 2013
My skin is doing better at this point -lesions have dried up, but I was wondering about the symmetry of breakouts. Lately I had been getting them in pretty much the same place on each side of face.


May 16, 2013
I often get acne in a line on my left temple. Also above my top lip, or between my eye brows, occasionally one or two on my nose. It is often a similar pattern, especially on my temple.


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Jun 12, 2013
Almost like there are "fault lines" running through our skin.


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Jun 12, 2013
Yes, I thought that was real interesting. I just wondered what other people thought. I don't remember the cysts coming in as balanced a pattern like they had been after I started P'eating. Thankfully they aren't coming anymore. I made a post about Zinc where I go indepth about it. But maybe that was a good sign that they were becoming more "even".

I'm not sure if my teeth are moving or not. I have definitely had the sensitivity he talked about ever since I switched to higher sugar than ever. I wear a retainer to bed now and then to make sure my teeth don't move too far from where braces put them years ago, but haven't worn it in a while.


Feb 23, 2014
Hi All, Just a quick note. You may want to check a Chinese face reading chart. Just like in reflexology and acupuncture, there are energy centers throughout the body that relate to different parts of the body. You could get a hint as to which body system may be trying to detox. I'll post a link to a chart. ... edIndex=12

Hope the link works.

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