Swelling And Dry Skin After Red Light?

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    Nov 11, 2015
    Intrigued by this so wanted to ask the collective wisdom of the forum for thoughts.

    Early last year I had a strange incident. Home after work I fell my right eye begin to water, and very shortly thereafter start to swell. I didn't think anything much of it - I suffer mild hay fever and it felt like that - but the swelling didn't stop and soon I was taking it VERY seriously as my eye was really swollen and couldn't see. Rushing around the house I found my nasal anti-histamine, took a couple of blasts on that, and within a minute or two the swelling began to abate. Fifteen minutes later I could see to drive, and the swelling went down over the rest of the evening.

    Last October I had a severe cycling accident with a fair amount of facial scrapes and cuts. To help cuts healing I have been using red light (redlightman) on my face. I noticed that I was getting really swollen under my right eye, and the skin was really dry, flaky, itchy. I had been trying to correlate that with what I was eating (histamine driven food reaction?), but only recently I've noticed it's related to red-light. If I don't use the red light the swelling under my eye goes and the skin goes back to the same as my left eye - normal looking. When I use the red light it swells up, dry, cracked, itchy.

    Any thoughts? Struggling to see what the mechanism for that would be, and why my right and left eyes respond differently?! Any advice or suggestions appreciated.
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    May 12, 2016
    Sorry to hear about your accident.

    I red somewhere Ray Peat fell asleep under bright light and woke up with acnea and that bright light is accelerating vit A metabolism in the body.

    Are u using red light or clear infrared?

    I would suspect some combination of vitamin A, aspirin and vitamin e or some progrst e diluted in olive oil applied topically would heal and calm down a lot of these symptoms but i am not an expert, i just have some problems myself with a very sensitive skinn and have experimented a but. Whatever i put on my skinn works tones better than anythin i aould ingest for flaky itchy issues. If progest e does not work try another progesterone cream and liquid vit e initialy until the skinn calms down than go back to progest e and coconut amd olive oil.

    Maybe other people in the forum may provide more qualified advice? Mine are some wiled guesses. Ask someone if topical k may help. I am not sure but it works for some people on the forum that apply it on tbe face.

    Have u tested your prolactine cortisol etc?

    Hope u get well!