Sweetness. Emotionally, Environmetally Bonding


Jan 22, 2013
this may be hard to distinguish for most people...but coming from all the experience, the various stresses, the background...ect, stuff ive gone through, I've realized that
the sweet taste, what some would say as starches..sugars...maybe even proteins...create a glue like resonance with the atmosphere, people, ideas around...be careful where you take in sweetness, prepared by whom, to fuel what...don't fuel stress or something, somewhere, or around people you don't want to be around at the time. If you do, make it equally as bitter, spicy, or pungent to keep yourself straight, nervously and immunologically. Feast, replenish, in truly comfortable enviroments, around things...people you want to see, be around, that support your dreams and higher goals....lest the web of glue from the negative people, environments...will grow...like a mycellian nest, and soon you may be trapped or perpetually regurtitating

how this relates to Peat...I don't know if it does, but im throwing it out there because...im sure deep down he, and others have felt this...hence why he probably lives in a chill, peaceful, warm environment such as mexico, and speaks of nourishing with sweetness

is it true sweetness, in a sweet environment, with sweet intent?....or is it but candy coated...cold, harsh, non harmonious