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    Oct 10, 2012
    Hi guys and girls,

    I was after some sugestions as to what supps i could add...thinking along the line of vit K, E...? (need sources the i can get shipped to germany) which is always an issue as alot of things dont even turn up thanks to the EU rules and regs regarding alot of substances

    anything else i should consider?

    Bit of back ground 28 years old and my first incounter with peats works was about 5 years ago, after about 2 years implimenting it as best i could (looking back there where still some imperfections) but i was felling much better and went traveling around austraila, as you can image i didnt follow everything 100% while away and after my travel i moved to germany with my girlfriend who i meet while traveling and yes we are still together and i have been in germany almost three years now.

    As for diet some things i never changed as using coconut oil/butter (saturated fat) as main fat source, salt and gelatine have also been staple since i first implemted has coffee and milk
    I would say where i possible slacked off after my travels was definatly to little sugar fruit or otherwise and to much starch and grain, to many vegies and green leafs and at time to much olive oil ( have recently notice that even the smallest amount of olive oil cause my temps and pulse to drop) too much muscle meat...

    ok so ive been back doing things properly (as best i know how) for about 2months know as i felt as sudden change as autum came around and knew what was happing causing me to start monitoring my temps and pulse and re ajusting my diet...

    My current diet summed up includes daily about 1lt oj, 1-2lts milk, raw carrot or carrot salad (recently switched to 1.5% from 3.9% to counter weight gain)
    about 20-50g hardcheese (where possible with animal renit and no enzymes) 1-2 eggs, 100-200g dates most days, 2-4 cups of coffee with varying amounts of milk and 2-3 sugars and i rotate things like bone broth with some soup meat, white fish, prawns, kale broth,ice cream, bacon, bell peppers, potatoes, sundried tomates, mushrooms, spring onions, green beans, chocolate or cocoa powder, quark softcheese and cottage cheese, bamboo shot, coconut milk and water everyfew days
    I try to get liver once every 7-10days and about the small for sweet potatoes for variation
    meat always with gelatine at least 10g and i would estimate my gelatine intake daily at 30-50g as i also use some in other meals without meat
    fresh ripe fruit are generaly not available right know where i am..
    sugar intake from white sugar and honey is also quiet high...
    all vegs is well cooked...
    just start adding coca cola to some meals and experimenting with home made popcorn in coconut oil with added butter and salt
    still waiting on my thyroyd to turn up...fingercrossed they havent siezed it!

    ive probably forgotten something but you get the idea

    i take between 250-1000mg asprin a day with no side effect up till know (worried i have to little K and started making the kale broths),
    i should add im currently laid up with a torn medial knee ligament and im normaly very active (probably too active) but i am maintaining weight on the above deit and feeling much better morning temps are still low 36.2-36.5 but i can normaly get them to 36.9-37.1 with in a few meals, pulse at the start was in the 50s and now morning pulse is in the mid 60s and during the day can be up to the high 70s.

    im pretty tall at 196cm and weigh in at around 90kg with a bodyfat between 9-11%

    be interested if anyone has any idea on what i could improve all feedback is wellcome :):

    Thanks for reading my wall of text, cheers Steve
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    Oct 8, 2012
    Potential supps aspirin, k2 , progesterone, pregnenolone, niacinamide, brewers yeast, T3, paper bags, red light therapy, vitamin E, D3 and Epsom salt baths.

    Not all will apply to everyone, worth looking into if any will benefit you.
  3. OP

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    Oct 10, 2012
    thanks for the info...

    thinking i would like to add to vit K, vit E, and possible vit D anyone have any products they could recommend?

    thanks again! steve :):
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    Jan 4, 2012