Summerhill Goat Milk Is The Best


Feb 26, 2017
No wonder Danny Roddy only drinks this. After a 1/2 gallon I'll never go back.(sprouts/trader joes supplier)

It's not even on the same playing field. You literally feel so much better after a glass.

A2 Protein 90%
Naturally homogonized
Much closer to human breast milk
PRAL potential renal acid load is net negative, it's alkaline producing and the only protein product to do so.

Family farm: A2 milk, Less lactose, Summerhill Dairy

Thought danny roddy diet was crazy, know I know it's not. The protein composition of summerhill is much different than even whole foods goat milk. I guess off the goat diet and good conditions. Far far more dopamengeric, where conventional milk feels so aggressively serotonin inducing.


Mar 15, 2014
Only available in California?


Jul 24, 2020
So this milk in the morning and regular serotoninergic opioid binding milk in the evening then?


Jun 13, 2019
Danny does not only drink goat milk, also I’ve only ever seen summerhill sold in quarts, it’s too costly to use as a staple.
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Mar 3, 2013
I can't be bothered to skim the fat otherwise that would be just about perfect.
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