Suggestions For Low Fat /no Starch Meals

Discussion in 'Macros & Micros' started by Fetch, Apr 30, 2015.

  1. Fetch

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    Jan 2, 2015
    I know this is a boring question and I thank anyone who takes the time to answer it. I just need some good suggestions of low fat and no starch meals and snacks. I have eaten high fat and starch for so long it's really hard for me to just come up with appetizing food. I have seen many people mention they have success on low fat/no starch and even mention what they eat but I can't remember or find all the good suggestions buried in the forum. I want to try this but I can't drink tons of liquids so the regular juice and skim milk stuff isn't enough.

    I know the basics like fruit, dried fruit, cooked fruit, juiced fruit, and milk, cheese, yogurt, curds some meats and gelatin. But what do your meals look like?

    members like Zachs, hiadut, can'tstoppeating, such_saturation, oxidation_is_normal, thebigpeatowski, westside puffs, and probably a lot more. Help a brother out. I know it's probably really boring and obvious to list the same sh*t one more time so thanks.
  2. sunmountain

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    May 12, 2014
    Lately, I've been making farmer cheese at home, and then using it in quiche (crustless) and cheesecake (crustless).

    Chicken, potato, and vegetable soup. I use Pacific bone broth in it; sometimes veggie broth.

    Shrimp ceviche (I cook the shrimp first). Add tiny slivers of mango to it for a change.

    You could make cioppino...seafood soup. I haven't made it lately.

    You can basically make a soup base with bone or other broth, a medium potato or two, garlic, onion, celery, and whatver veggie you fancy, and whatever seasonings. Then add protein of choice at end and cook accordingly.

    It might be more realistic to aim low, not no, starch. If you want to be strict, leave out the potato from the soups.

    For me, low starch is working right now. I don't eat any starch until dinnertime. Then I might have said soup with a bit of potato in it, though lately I've also had a slice of pizza. But instead of eating 2 slices, I'll eat ceviche on the side, or fresh fruit, a cup of cafe con leche, etc. Going low starch is MUCH easier than no starch.

    Good luck!
  3. pboy

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    Jan 22, 2013
    what choices do you have then? lowfat dairy foods, like skimmed milk curd cottage cheese yogurt, and fruit...either ripe, juiced, or dried, and above ground vegetables and herbs (or carrot). Brewed drinks, sugar, honey, lean meat or seafood

    make your own choice from that, I wouldn't recommend meat or honey but that's your choice

    I find it funny how humans don't know what to eat..its like the most basic thing every animal knows. Its cause in general we are WAY out of our element. Most apes in Africa eat figs as 50%+ of their diet year round...simple. Other apes in Indonesia eat more a variety, durian is a main food, basically whatever is available. I think a lot of the fruits we have in grocery stores or whatever isn't even stuff apes would eat, they generally don't like strong acid fruits..and most of what we have are strong acid fruits.

    Fruits in general are always hypotonic, too fluidy, so apes also eat bark, insects, and honey to densify their diet and as diuretic and probly the former for minerals. Its pretty simple. And they don't eat unripe stuff, not only casue it burns and isn't palatable, it also binds out protein via the tannins...which is something they cant afford, being on a low protein diet as is.

    Shoots and leaves are good for beta carotene (vitamin A) if you cant get it from fruit, which are actually kinda rare or hard to obtain quanitity

    In our current situation, milk is huge because its basically like a super rich fruit without any offense, and adds the vit A, b12, selenium, zinc, iodine which are hard to get from fruit alone..fruit has all the other stuff you need. If you keep beta carotene to 300% or so or below a day you'll convert it all with enough energy in diet. The main foods being slightly hypotonic (lil too watery) is relatively common and expected in nature, aka fruit and milk, which is why you need something dense also but not that can use starch, sugar, or meat basically, or if you wanna eat bark or something....even putting cinnamon in juice could do it. Make your choice! Starch basically is either lackin nutrients, or is slightly imbalanced. Potato is the closest to right that there is, but it'll come with some gas...but potato besides that is a surprisingly good tool.

    I hope this simplifies things for people...I see the same kind of problems and questions repeated over and over on the webbie
  4. Zachs

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    Nov 8, 2014
    I'm a big fan of starch and I get none of the adverse reactions that some do so I couldn't tell you anything you didn't already list. My diet is roughly as follows in order of calories consumed.

    Dairy, milk, cheese, ice cream, yogurt
    bananas, dry or ripe
    fruits, mango dry or ripe, pineapple, Asian pear, grapes. Dates, melons.
    Rice, brown aND white, noodle and rice paper
    sugar, soda, blackstrap, maple syrup, honey
    Lettuce greens, cucumber, carrots, herbs.
    salt, Yerba mate, green tea, coffee, beer, gin.

    95% of the time I am eating those foods. The other 5% it is cheese pizza Or burritos.
  5. janus

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    Mar 4, 2015
    CO, US
    Does this mean you've done some potato experimentation lately?
  6. cantstoppeating

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    Nov 11, 2014
    My goto 'meal' is:

    25g micellar casein protein powder
    40g fructose powder
    20g sucrose
    3g salt
    2g glycine

    I throw it all into a protein shaker and just drink it over 10 minutes. I have these 6 times a day, along with liver and OJ.

    Dropping solid food, especially starch and fat, is hard. You'll have to make an extra effort to consume more sugar, even if it means eating spoonfuls of honey. There isn't a shortcut, you've just got to push through it.
  7. YuraCZ

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    Apr 24, 2015
    Dates soaked overnight in low fat milk. Then eat those soaked dates and drink with it milk with dates flavor. So tasty :)
  8. Westside PUFAs

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    Feb 4, 2015

    The only non-starch meals that I eat are fruit meals of mixed fruits, but usually just mono-meals. Since good fruit is hard to get, it's not often.

    You specifically said "meals" so the small amount of peanut butter, tuna, raw egg, cheese or meat that I eat does not apply here, because I don't make meals out of those foods, they're more like snacks or supplements.
  9. tara

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    Mar 29, 2014
    I eat some starch, but also meals without.
    Cheesecake for dense meal.
    Dates/other dried fruit or chocolate for dense snack.
    Meals: liver/eggs/shellfish/meat + juice/stewed fruit/sweet milky coffee
  10. OP

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    Jan 2, 2015
    Ok so it seems like a few of you guys that are low fat are not low starch what are your starch meals like? For say dinner or lunch does a meal look like a baked sweet potato and some fruit? isn't the potato dry without butter or sour cream etc? when you say rice do you mean like just rice and some steamed shrimp as a meal no spices or flavoring?

    So for the most part if I'm getting this right you just kinda grab some fruit and cheese or milk for every meal. Maybe have some meat once a day or so but don't really try to make meals in the traditional way?

    Any tricks for making it less boring or more appetizing in the long run?

    I realize this sounds kinda winy. I just find it hard to imagine. I love food and cooking. I cook for other people a lot and I eat with others a lot. The thought of cutting that out of my life is kinda hard for me. I guess I can still cook for others. But sitting down to a fruit and milk over and over sounds isolating to me.

    I won't be able to log on to the internet for a day so thanks for the replies ahead of time.
  11. honeybee

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    Jan 22, 2013
    I am trying low-fat and low starch. FYI-I don't eat these every day, but occasionally.
    I cut up and then bake corn tortillas for low fat chips. Add salt.
    I slice a potato and microwave for chips. Add salt.
    I also eat corn tortillas to substitute for bread.
    I will eat a sweet potato with salt and a bit of sugar-if there is ff sour cream then I will add a dollop.
    I am not eating alot of cheese becasue its hard to find low or no fat cheeses that are peaty-however, I did find a FF goats cheese at Trader Joes that is pretty tasty. I also am making my own LF farmers cheese-its a littel bland but acceptable. I'm still experimenting with this.
    Thats about it for my low starch experience-but for me it really adds alot more variety to the low fat protein ,dairy and fruit staples that I am eating.
  12. YuraCZ

    YuraCZ Member

    Apr 24, 2015
    Hard low fat cheese dipped in honey. Really tasty. ;)
  13. Dutchie

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    Nov 21, 2012
    I love eating this salad: mixed lettuces with steamed Cod (seasoned as you prefer) and instead of a dressing I shortly warm up some frozen Blueberries in a saucepan with either some water or lemonjuice (you could add whatever sugar you like if it's not sweet enough)
    Toss it over the lettuce&Cod and then throw in some cut up chunks of lower fat goatcheese.

    i was also thinking to make goat kefir,once I'll be able to go to Germany again to buy the semi-fat goatmilk,not just to make smoothies with but I also found various recipes to make a Ranch type of dressing with it. Migth make a good alternative salad dressing and/or dipping sauce.
  14. YuraCZ

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    Apr 24, 2015
    My everyday shake is
    500ml 1,5% milk
    50-70g dates
    15-25g honey
    10g hydrolyzed collagen
    10g ground coffee( in 1 dcl of water)
    2g sea salt

    I have these 4 times a day.. In comparison with my previous bodybuilding diet. 5 times a day meal like(chicken breast+white rice + cup of broccoli) really rich in micronutrients. :)
  15. Jennifer

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    Jul 8, 2014
    For traditional style low-fat/low starch meals, coming up with some basic sauces and gravies is a good place to start. From there, the recipes are endless. Using a base of broth (bone, veggie, chicken, beef, fish ect.), add some herbs/spices and gelatin to thicken and balance out the amino acids in any of your meat dishes.

    There are stews using a meat of choice, broth of choice (veggie, beef, chicken ect.) peeled tomatoes, onions, peppers, celery, zucchini, turnip (for a low starch root) garlic, spices ect.

    Or for something tropical, sweet ginger teriyaki glazed meat (beef, lamb, chicken breast ect.) skewers with mango, pineapple, red onion ect. For the teriyaki glaze, coconut aminos can be used in place of the soy sauce if wanting to avoid soy.

    Another skewer option could be a meat like chicken breast with plums, pears and red onions, dressed with a balsamic glaze. Both can be served on a bed of cauliflower "rice" for a low starch option.

    There's also the option of white fish like cod baked in a light lemon garlic butter sauce or scallops in a light butter and garlic sauce. Just cook in enough butter for flavor.

    There are turnip fries. Bake them in the oven sprayed with a misting of coconut oil spray (such as the spectrum brand) to help crisp them a bit without too much fat and add seasoning and herbs such as garlic powder, rosemary (for rosemary fries) dill, Italian, Herbes de Provence ect. and sprinkle with a low-fat cheese like parmesan. You could also make them into Poutine (French Canadian dish) which is fries with cheese curds covered in gravy.

    There are chowders using low-temp non-fat powdered milk to thicken your base instead of heavy cream and some stock (fish, onion, beef, chicken ect.) to add flavor. The veggies can include onion, celery and garlic and corn if making chicken corn chowder.

    There's mock pasta using zucchini/summer squash for your noodles. With a mandoline slicer or potato peeler, slice zucchini in very thin strips and simmer in a little broth (veggie/chicken/beef ect.) to add flavor without fat and top with low-fat marinara sauce and low-fat cheese. You could even make this into manicotti or lasagna, filling with a mixture of low-fat ricotta beaten with an egg yolk.

    For desserts, there's baked fruit and compotes. Core an apple and fill it with your favorite dried fruit such as bing cherries, golden raisins, apricots ect. and add a small pat of butter, some cinnamon, brown sugar if tolerated, white sugar if not, and wrap in tinfoil and bake in the oven. Serve with all natural low-fat ice cream. For the fruit compote, on the stovetop, simmer your choice of fruits such as cherries, peaches, plums ect. with sweet spices and sugar till thickened and serve on low-fat ice cream.

    These are just ones I can think of off the top of my head. Happy cooking!
  16. narouz

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    Jul 22, 2012
    Well done, Jennifer.
    Thanks. :D
  17. max219

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    Jun 2, 2013
    I've been eating both low fat and low starch lately. Staples are dates, ripe bananas, raisins, non fat yogurt, orange juice, nonfat milk, shrimp/scallops, honey. Gonna add more fruits like pineapples and mangoes.
  18. ilovethesea

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    Feb 9, 2013
    I'm glad you mentioned chowders! People who aren't from the east coast don't seem to know about them :) They are my favourite, I make them all the time with fish, shrimp, canned oysters, scallops or lobster. Very easy and delicious.

    I found this recipe recently and it has to be the best one I ever made. Not low fat or starch free but I think it could be adapted. I tolerate one small potato these days so I made it with that. So good! ... owder.html