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Successful Blood Donation

  1. Finally decided to schedule and commit to the standard blood donation at the ARC Blood Drive at my work. The whole thing, including a five minute Rapid Pass questionnaire that I filled out, took approximately 35 minutes in total. Side effects would include a slight light headed feeling and a moderate thirst. I also felt minor asthmatic symptoms for the first 1.5-2 hours thereafter, which signaled to me that the blood loss could have incurred some type of minor inflammation.

    The blood donation segued into a feeling of moderate calm and a renewed ability to think clearly. (I would compare this mental clarity to taking approximately .5 grams of Aspirin and drinking a cup of coffee.) I also had the feeling that my progesterone levels had raised or at least that was the feeling that has been approximated in the 1.5 days afterward. My appetite also felt somewhat robust.

    My eff-up was drinking 1.5 cups of coffee after dinner and then negotiating the Upstate NY summer heat, which possibly induced some minor dehydration symptoms. The overall, however, was a net positive. I plan on going again the next time I am able in about another month.
  2. Are you even allowed to have another one so soon? I may be wrong, but I think you have to wait a few months here in the UK. However long you wait, I’d get your iron tested before you do. One blood donation lowered my ferritin from 230 to 63!
  3. The paperwork that the American Red Cross gave to me says that I can donate again on 10/8/19 (so I messed that up): that does seem rather soon, however, I have no way to gauge what my actual ferritin levels might be. It would be interesting for others to weigh in on how many times they donate, annually. My suspicion is that my bloodstream is not good, due in large part to titanium implants that I have in my legs because of a car accident.

  4. connecting the dots. I can't help but see a connection to the issues brought up in the above video with Palantir and with Thiel's personal interest in receiving and selling blood.