Suboptimal Diets/environments And Still Reaching Genetic Potential


Jun 2, 2019
Have been pondering this question of how some people can reach their potential in height,intelligence, disease resistance while living off bad foods and being raised in poor environments. Knowing not all will, but take for instance you have some stories of athletes being in the ghetto with probably a lot of processed foods and milk that's probably not grass fed( as I read that's the best) and still reaching their supposed potential that helps them be the best in sport. Or some people who live off junk food, drink alcohol, and bad sleep cycles can still go to class the next day and crush a class without a hiccup. Right now the only way i see it is that their ancestors at the right foods and since amino acids are mainly consisted of hydrogen,nitrogen,oxygen,carbon that whatever they eat no matter how bad their body will use it the best way since it's in their genes from the previous generations diet. Off base?


Sep 30, 2020
Do you actually know these people? They may not be as healthy as they seem.


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Jun 2, 2019
Believe when saying genetic potential with the athletes wouldn't reaching their gentic potential for say a basketball player being over six foot 4 which is probably in the 99th percentile for height in the world on suboptimal diets be interesting. And don't actually know these people but just observations and their probably are people who do these things and can have high performance in their day to day life. They probably will falter eventually and may have underlying health problems but you get the gist. Saying that one should stay away from bad pufa, alcohol and other estrogen increasing foods/toxins will some people can still strive on those things piques interest compared what is brought about on the board through studies.
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