Study says low serotonin causes mice and rabbits to become gay


Jan 25, 2014

Does it have any validity on humans?

It might, in situations where there are zero females present. Neither the rats nor rabbits had access to any females. I don't know if it made them "gay." Maybe Bisexual?

The conclusion suggests it might be even more than that-

To decide whether the sexual excitation was related to deficiency of $-HT P $-hydroxytryptophan ($-HTP) the direct precursor of $-HTP was injected (2$ mg/kg intraperitoneally) into 10 rats fed with the Try-free diet 30 min before the mating test, The administration of $-HTP increased $-HT content by about 1$0~ (results not shown) and suppressed the copulatory behavior in all the animals .

Similar results were obtained in rabbits 6$ per cent the rabbits a fed with the Try-free diet displayed mounting behavior s while only 1$ per cent of the control animals showed such behavior, Conversely as previously reported (~) the administration of L-Try (1$0 mg~kg intraperitoneally) failed to inhibit the copulatory behaviour both in control animals and in animals fed with the Try-free diet.

Rabbits fed with the Try-free diet mounted indifferently rabbits fed with either diets. Moreover some of the sexually excited rabbits when paired with a cat, repeatedly attempted to mount it.

Rabbits trying to mount a cat? Pan-Sexual, maybe?
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