Study On The Binding Of Dihydrotestosterone, Testosterone And Oestradiol With Sex Hormone Binding Gl


Feb 18, 2016
These binding affinitys bring up the question of what is happening when we supplement DHT? Does it free up testosterone and estrogen,will testosterone convert to estrogen even though DHT issue oozed to suppress this? The body has probably signalled no more DHT?
Nothing here breaks down the free estrogen?
Is free estrogen going into the joints and causing the complaints we are hearing.
Where does this leave androsterone ?

Study on the binding of dihydrotestosterone, testosterone and oestradiol with sex hormone binding globulin. - PubMed - NCBI
Saturation studies on sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) were performed with increasing levels of the three steroids: dihydrotestosterone (DHT), testosterone (T) and oestradiol (E2) in normal female sera. The curves obtained showed the clearly increasing SHBG affinity for E2, T and DHT, respectively. With T as saturating ligand, the mean values of SHBG binding capacity in normal and pathological sera, expressed as 10(-8) M SHBG were, for normal women, 5.87 +/- 0.2, for normal men, 3.69 +/- 0.1 and for hirsute women, 5.05 +/- 0.2. In hirsutism, SHBG levels were measured together with T and DHT levels. Hyperandrogenia was often better reflected by the T/SHBG ratio than by T levels alone. SHBG binding capacity, measured in pregnancy from the 7th to the 40th week, increased progressively as far as the 30th week. Values up to 5 times those of the mean value of the cycle were observed at the end of pregnancy. Variations in DHT, T and E2 binding as functions of SHBG concentrations, were also studied by adding a constant amount of each steroid to increasing SHBG concentrations in serum. DHT showed the greatest binding capacity, followed by T and then E2. Since the unbound fractions of T and DHT are believed to be biologically active, and since T and DHT are more sensitive than E2 to SHBG variations, the results obtained further support the hypothesis that SHBG plays an important role in the sex steroids balance.
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