Study On Fructose Brain Effect

Dec 18, 2018
Do we even know the fructose content of natural occuring fruit? I am under the impression that the fruits we consume were genetically selected for high sugar content in general; that non domesticated fruits are fairly low in carbohydrate content in general, and are more sour in quality than sweet.


Oh how funny! :hilarious:
Another lame, dumbed-down "scientific conclusion," and so timely to what is happening with convid.

They mention "genes" but as it runs out are talking about methylation. So it's an epigenetic alteration and as it turns out, fructose seems to be an anti-aging component of sugar! That is at best what they actually showed here. They used RNA transcriptome :): Ya know, what they have been doing with convid and coronabeer virus. You aren't looking at DNA at that point, but sequencing of these RNA/DNA components in terms of genes expressed. Duh, everything we do does that! That of course is not equivalent to "altering DNA."

Bogus science.

The part about it being relevant to convid is that they are using the same metrics to say they have isolated and totally identified the coronabeer virus. But of course the clowns have not. They are not even using the more robust DNA PCR but instead RNA transcriptome just like the idiots in this fructose study. Conflation and confusion is what you are getting here.


By the way, it's mind-blowing how their half-**** claim of DNA sequence alteration and their stupid fake alarm bells about fructose is precisely what this piece of sh*t vaccine will actually do!


Nov 18, 2019


Mar 27, 2018
Animals don’t want to get eaten, but I think it’s pretty obvious fruit does want to get eaten.


Mar 29, 2014
Do we even know the fructose content of natural occuring fruit? I am under the impression that the fruits we consume were genetically selected for high sugar content in general; that non domesticated fruits are fairly low in carbohydrate content in general, and are more sour in quality than sweet.
AIUI, the amount of overall sugars and of fructose in fruit vary depending on species, variety and growing conditions. You can measure brix to see sugars in juice. Many fruit can have a brix of ~8-11%. Some are more or less juicy/fibrous etc. In some fruits, the combination or free glucose, fructose and sucrose comes down to around half fructose. Some higher, some lower.
For a given variety, sweeter fruit tend to also have more of the other nutrients.
But I think you are right that there has been selective breeding from sweeter fruit.


Aug 6, 2017
Anybody read the actual study? From the linked article this seems to be the basis for everything they claim

After the six weeks, the rats were put through the maze again. The animals that had been given only the fructose navigated the maze about half as fast than the rats that drank only water -- indicating that the fructose diet had impaired their memory. The rats that had been given fructose and DHA, however, showed very similar results to those that only drank water -- which strongly suggests that the DHA eliminated fructose's harmful effects.

This could be read in another way: fructose makes the animal calm and inquisitive while being malnourished or pumped with DHA makes them anxious to find nutrition.
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