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Study: Lower Body temperature means longer life

Mar 10, 2021

Found this on drudgereport today. I needed a good laugh.
I think the title of the study article was a bit misleading. I can see living in hot weather places shortening life spans. I think the stress of extreme external heat is much more detrimental than cooler temperature places.
Nov 21, 2015
It’s a difficult subject. It seems per Speakman’s work that Dr. Peat has discussed in the past, that energy consumption per unit of tissue, say per gram, is higher for organisms that live longer, all things being equal. Small dogs have very high energy consumption per gram of lean mass compared to large dogs, and of course live much longer.

Dr. Peat has indicated he believes higher CO2 production from the higher metabolic rate is the primary reason for the longevity. There are also all sorts of new studies showing that oxidative stress and free radicals increase lifespan and they are higher with decoupling of the mitochondria and greater metabolic rate.

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