Study: Excessive ingestion of honey has long lasting feminization tendency.


Aug 24, 2017
Hi hans,do you eat this quantity of honey one shot or do you split it up through the day?how much do you eat per serving?how the glucose/fructose ratio of the honey you are eating seems to be?honey that seems to be higher fructose like acacia give me the worst stomach ache i ever got,it literally paralyse me and i get similar pain in the neck and in the back.on the other hand higer glucose honey i can handle 200 grammes and more and feel like BANE
I have 2tbsp per 500ml milk and then 4L milk in total. I also add 3tbsp to my meat mix.

I'm not sure about the ratio but it's probably 50:50.

Do you mean acacia honey or something else? Acacia honey is frequently contaminated with HFCS or if it was acacia syrup, then there is most likely other components in that product that made you react that way. Certain fibers or gut irritants can cause that.
Have you ever tried Agave syrup? That's very high in fructose, but pure.

How do you know if it's high glucose honey?


Jan 25, 2014
Stumbled upon following study:

Study in male rats,
3 groups:
group 1 - 5ml/kg of honey twice a week for 10weeks;
group 2 - 7.5ml/kg of honey twice a week for 10weeks;
group 3 - control

At the end of the 10 weeks
Group 1Group 2Group 3
FSH(miu/ml)0.73± 0.120.16± 0.040.52± 0.19
LH (miu/ml)0.06± 0.09*0.24± 0.05*3.94± 0.43
Testosterone (ng/ml)0.98± 0.380.42± 0.05*0.46± 0.07*
Progesterone (ng/ml)12.84± 0.336.27± 0.662.59± 0.29
Prolactine (ng/ml)6.29± 0.437.75± 0.492.40± 0.43

10 weeks after
Group 1Group 2Group 3

Increasing progesterone isn't necessarily feminizing in men. There is an entire thread here of guys talking about success using progesterone (and not to become women)-

Group 2 after 20 weeks is very odd. Really low test and prog, with very high prolactin?

The higher prolactin in the honey groups would be more concerning, but I wonder if that's simply due to inadequate calcium or fat soluble vitamins.


Mar 16, 2021
I posted a screenshot of my diet in the fat loss thread. Yes I get raw and organic honey straight from the farm.

is it liquid or solid? some claim honey needs to be crystallized, that liquid honey is treated and heated
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